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Thread: Finally, a ManCave!

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    Finally, a ManCave! Updated pages 1 and 2

    Please excuse the horrible iPad pics, here's my cave (work in progress)! Any comments/suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking! Oh and my wife made the huge white Vader pedestal! Still looking at lighting options of course too...

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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    congrats on tying the knot! You are definately not fooling around in terms of your collection. awesome helmets and I love all the pfs lined up like that. well done!!

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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    Congratulations! A collection room is a must for us!

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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    NICE! Congrats bro!
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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    Keep those cave pics coming, looking good Luis.
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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    Very nice

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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    I like that helmets and PF's. very nice
    My collection
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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    A very nice collection. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

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    Re: Finally, a ManCave!

    very nice!! congrats on the man cave

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