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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    Quote Originally Posted by icruise
    I got a couple of prints of digital art from Daniel Falconer, who is a designer for Weta Workshop and worked on The Lord of the Rings and pretty much all of the other major Weta projects. He's also a scummer, although I won't post his board name just in case he prefers to remain anonymous. I think they came out really well. They're 8x10s.

    Oh hey, that's me! LOL. I just stumbled upon this thread.

    Thanks ICruise. I'm glad you were happy with the prints. So sorry it took me forever to get them to you. Thanks also for being so respectful as to hold back my username. That was very thoughtful, but I don't mind folks knowing who I am or what I do.

    Thanks also to others for kind words about the artwork. The Christmas sleigh image was done for Star Wars Action News as their Christmas card a few years ago. The other one with all the Jabba's palace aliens in a cartoony style was done around the time the Tartakovsky series was airing. I liked the style of their show and thought I'd try drawing some palace denizens in a vaguely similar style of my own. I've been meaning to do a bunch more some time.

    Oh hey and I'm loving that Threepio you acquired too ICruise! That's really nice.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    I have both of your pieces matted and framed now. They're hanging over my desk.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    I finally took delivery of my Millennium Falcon Specplate from ACME Archives. Very impressive. You can't really make it out, but there are feint etchings of the original blueprints in the background. A nice touch i thought.

    Anyway, there are more photos on my blog.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    Are you sure those faint blueprint etchings are actually an intentional effect rather than a defect of some kind? It's hard to tell from the pictures.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    I think so, i can marry them up with the blueprints that i have. Morly would be the best one to ask.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    Well, as long as it looks good, that's the important thing.

    I got a few more pieces framed recently. First is "That bad, huh?" from Spencer Brinkerhoff. I got it back when it came out at Celebration V (thanks to someone who picked it up for me) but I hadn't been able to get it framed until someone mentioned using the double LP frame available at Michaels. I got a mat cut to fit and all together it cost me about $30. I think it works quite well, although getting it lined up properly with the mat was challenging because there is text right up to the edge of the print and I didn't want to get it cut off. You may not be able to to tell in the photo, but I managed it. I think it looks quite good when framed up.

    I also framed the C-3PO painting I posted about earlier. I went with a double mat, one a sort of goldenrod color and the other is a metallic gold.

    Here is my Dr. Seuss-inspired Jabba from Adam Watson.

    And finally, here are the two prints by Daniel Falconer that I posted above.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3


    Those look fantastic! I must get my hands on one of those "that bad huh"!


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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    Woohoo! Looking cool framed.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    A couple of recent eBay pick ups. Battle Droid is by Tomas Giorello and Padme is by Irma Ahmed. Enjoy:

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions: Part 3

    I'm new to fine art collecting, so this is my first picture post in this section of the forum.

    I got 3 out of my 4 prints back from the framers. I should hopefully get "Lukes Destiny" back is getting the same treatment as my Olly set. It's hard to tell how mammoth the frames are from the pics, but they are 3'x4' each. Sorry about the glare...anti-glare glass was about another $400 and that wan't gonna fly.

    I included a progression of my art wall for fun. I like all the versions of my wall, but the final set is by far my favorite.

    I have to patch up some holes and put up my last print, so more pics to come!


    A number of changes in just a short time:

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