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Thread: DJ121 Feedback Thread

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    sold him a logray, smooth and easy - thanks !
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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    Smooth dealings! Wont hesitate to deal with this scummer again!

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    Can't say much that hasn't been said. Wonderful scummer!

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    Great Scummer! He sold me some loose figures at a great price and shipped them quickly.

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    I bought a clone from DJ121 and it arrived in good shape, well packed and quickly. Communication was also good.
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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    Silly fast delivery. Took less then 3 days from the US to Canada. Figure described perfectly.

    Great seller!

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    very fast shipping and very nice figures.

    the best.

    cheers michael
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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    Smooth transaction. Good value and posted promptly. Thanks very much. Oli

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    Thank you for your comments, everyeone! I am very happy to know all of my over seas buyers have recieved thier figures!

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    Re: Feedback for DJ121

    great guy to work with anywhere.thanks again for your business.

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