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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Super Hero Toys

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - DC Direct Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Revahs
    All DC Direct figures should be tape-sealed regardless of what series they are from, so it could be a resealed figure, or it might just be a factory fluke, lets hope it is a fluke and that you didn't get cheated.
    ya i hope so thanks i just got a ar justice league shazam and it is tapeed sealed the thing is kc are hard to come by here so its hard to make comparisons but i found a shop that is selling one so ill check out . if indeed it is a reseal ill just put it up for sale and get the other one i saw


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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - DC Direct Edition

    I just received the five figures from the Death of Superman DVD set, and Batman and the Joker from the Batman and Son set. They are all very cool. I was just a little surprised to see DC Direct making tiny Mattel-like figures for Superman. They're neat, but don't look anything like any of my other DC Direct figures.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - DC Direct Edition

    Dark Victory Batman for $5.99 at my local Suncoast - last one, too! Couple of Scarecrows left, no Penguin/Robin, LOTS of Commissioner Gordon.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - DC Direct Edition

    This little beauty arrived just a few minutes ago.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - DC Direct Edition

    That's a great figure. I don't know how she fights crime in that outfit, but I really don't care that much.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - DC Direct Edition

    Just received my FREE Kingdom Come ReActivated set of figures from the CTR trivia contest for Toy Fare '08.

    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern! This is so awesome and to think I was just about to purchase them at my local Suncoast within a month!

    Thanks to Legends Action figures and D. Martin!
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Super Hero Toys/Collecti

    I just started collecting JLU figures and thus can say I have recent acquisitions. I have so far obtained,
    John Stewart
    John Stewart (Bald)
    Amazo (Gray)
    Dr. Fate
    Elongated Man
    Etrigan, The Demon
    Rocket Red
    Superman Justice Lords
    Batman Justice Lords
    Wonder Woman Justice Lords
    Hawkgirl Justice Lords
    Superman JL Copy
    Batman JL Copy
    Kyle Raynor
    Katma Tui
    Arkkis Chummuk
    Black Canary
    The Joker
    The Shade
    Shining Knight
    The Blue Devil
    Star Sapphire

    I have also been tracking down the Mattel Batman Animated figures as they go well with JLU. For those I have obtained,

    Batman Battle Damaged
    Batman Shadow Costume
    The Penguin
    Two-Face (Ver 2)

    Hopefully I can make use of the classifieds here to fill in holes.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Super Hero Toys/Collecti

    Picked up a Batmam Begins suit MM. They had 3 of them left, no signs of any Scarecrow or Joker.

    x1 Batman Begins suit TDK MM
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Super Hero Toys/Collecti

    I bought Absorbing Man and Wendigo today. Not worth the $30+ for two figures. But I never saw Absorbing Man in that Spiderman Classics 2-pack from years ago that goes for large cash. So I got him. The only 2-pack I ever saw had Punisher in it, and I passed, as did every other human on the planet.

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