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Thread: Bacta Tank Room

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    Bacta Tank Room

    Used Niub Niub's plans for this one, turned out okay I think. I still need to build the "back wall" that contains Luke's bed. This is one of my favorite of Niub's designs. (it also is one that has blueprints so it's easier to pre-cut the pieces). I didn't fill the tank with Dippity-do though, hehe.

    I put a LED battery operated tea-light down inside Luke's tank for the light. (since it's halloween soon, those little lights are everywhere)

    I repainted the Bacta Tank so it would be bright white rather than cream colored. This pic was taken before I did the little console, so you can see the difference:

    And here's Dr. Ball's opinion on the thing:

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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    Looks great. His decals are perfect over at Nium numb for this Dio. The gel makes all the difference though for effect.

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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    Dr. Ball FTW!
    Are you very mechanical? Well, I was just wondering if you could tell me where this goes? See I wasn’t really online when they were programming us for logic repairs. Usually I can figure it out but these old R5′s are kinda built backwards, know what I mean? Heh! No, you don’t know what I mean…

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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    Great lighting- that first image looked like a film still! Yeah, Niub's decals are great- I made a smaller version of this scene too
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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    As DB said, beautiful lighting, this is such a cool scene to do and it's one I've done a few times and need to redo. Dr. Ball is awesome, love that added bit, great sense of humor! And you made me realize that repainting some stuff white is going to look great. Great work!
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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    That looks awesome! Well done!
    I'm immune to the light!

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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    thats awesome!

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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    That dio sure does look sharp!
    This was my favorite of niub nuibs dios. And it is pretty easy to do. Hopefully I will eventually get to this one.
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    Re: Bacta Tank Room

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealMrMaul
    That dio sure does look sharp!
    This was my favorite of niub nuibs dios. And it is pretty easy to do. Hopefully I will eventually get to this one.
    yeah, there aren't really curves in this one (unless you want the window corners to be curved), and because of the blueprints, you can pre-cut all your pieces.

    I'm trying to do Niub's Red Room now, it's hard!!!

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    Good job on this one! I was looking for inspiration to do this one myself and you delivered, thanks. ;-)
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