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Thread: Herbs Collection

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    Thanks Sergiu, always the classic TK, but the new trooper designs in RO and Solo are fantastic. Got the Patrol trooper from Solo heading my way another amazing concept along with Mudtrooper.

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    Can’t wait for the mudtrooper, though I feel Darth Maul will be coming first.

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    I’m excited about the Mudtrooper as well, for my 1st Solo figure. I am looking at it as a piece of my OT Imperial Collection, I think the design is such a cool alternate and it has a Han sculpt as a bonus!

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    Yeah i cancelled my original PO with Sideshow for the Mudtrooper, but i'm definitely keen to pick one up.
    Maul on the other hand, i had high expectations for the Hot Toys and found myself kinda underwhelmed by the latest pictures we've seen from bloggers. Sure it's got true type body awesome tailoring and accessories even PERS, but the headsculpt seems off to me and i'm going with the Sideshow V2.

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