View Poll Results: Most importanly will you be buying this wave? If your buying a selected few then who?

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  • No none! Got them already

    42 12.50%
  • Yes buying them all

    33 9.82%
  • Darth Vader

    22 6.55%
  • Anakin Skywalker

    5 1.49%
  • Yoda

    3 0.89%
  • Commander Bacara

    45 13.39%
  • Clonetrooper

    67 19.94%
  • Clone Pilot

    55 16.37%
  • Chewbacca

    6 1.79%
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    6 1.79%
  • General Grievous

    10 2.98%
  • Mace Windu

    11 3.27%
  • R2-D2

    11 3.27%
  • Destroyer Droid

    20 5.95%
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Thread: Celebration VI Poll

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    Re: Celebration VI Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by CSD
    Keep it in Orlando. Great location, great entertainment and all the parks around. They just need to advertise it better and earlier than what they did with CV.
    i can agree to that. Orlando is a nice place to hold it but definately needs to be advertising at least 1 year in advance... I was scrambling those few months before trying to put the money aside and booking hotel and airfare.. would have loved to be able to stay closer to the convention center. hopefully when C VI hits I'll be able to stay in one of the adjacent hotels and be able to enjoy some of the after parties etc.
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    Re: Celebration VI Poll

    Orlando is great! Great location, Great hotels and DISNEY!

    During CV Disney had free meal plan which was awesome!
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    Re: Celebration VI Poll

    free meal plan - what's that??
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    Re: Celebration VI Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by bikerscout
    free meal plan - what's that??
    Disney once or twice a year offers "Free Meal Plan" when you book there. You get a snack, counter service and a sit down meal a day for free. It really is a great value.

    Here's more information:
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