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Thread: Feedback for DarkArtist

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    Feedback for DarkArtist

    just completed a trade with Jeff that went great. He wasn't deterred by sending to me in Engalnd and delivery was very fast.

    Thanks again - Highly recommended trader

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    Completed a transaction with Jeff. Sent him some DTF figures. Great guy, excellent communication. I'd gladly deal with DarkArtist again.
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    Just finished a quick deal with Jeff. Cool, easy guy to work with, I'd have no problem dealing with him in the future!

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    Jeff purchased a few figures from me. Excellent communication, quick payment and a nice guy to deal wiith. Highly recommended Scummer! Thanks again!!!

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    Another great transaction from Jeff. Outstanding guy to deal with. Thanks again!!!

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    Jeff went out of his way to help me out with a ReAction figure and I had to convince him to even let me pay him back. Class act!

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    Jeff is a STAND UP SCUMMER!!! Have had multiple dealings with him and always top notch rebelscum!!!

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    +1 F/ RHINOMAN for Jeff and his generous offer of supplying me with free items for customs & even paid for shipping. Hell of a guy, right there...

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    BIG thanks to Jeff aka DarkArtist!!! Hooked my daughter up with a bunch of Build-A-Weapons pieces, which she adores. Wouldn't even accept postage payment. Excellent boardie, and all-around great guy.

    Thank you again Jeff!!!

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    Jeff was extremely generous and delivered on a perfect figure. It was a true pleasure!!
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