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Thread: Gamorrean Guard - VC21

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    Gamorrean Guard - VC21

    Hasbro does mention in the recent QnA over at GH that we will be seeing an updated Gammorean Guard in the next couple years, plans could always change but good news at least for the moment...

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font>
    Galactic Hunter: Two figures that haven't received the newer, fresher Hasbro update are Oola and the Gammorean Guard. We've heard that both have been at some phase of development, but how likely are we to see them in the near future? (Or how close are they to getting out of the "parking lot"?)

    HASBRO: Oola is not in the works to be updated, but we think she is almost a certainty as the farther-but years unfold. She has been on several lists, but has been one of the last cuts each time. The Gammorean Guard will be updated within the next two years.


    The sooner the better. What does everyone else think about this news? What can Hasbro do to make one heck of an awesome figure?

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    Re: Gammorean Guard

    A belly-squeezing action that makes snot come out of his nose
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    Re: Gammorean Guard

    A sound chip to make him squeal when the Rancor's coming for him.
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Besides ball jointed shoulders and elbows, the original is pretty perfect already.

    But yea, ball jointed shoulders and elbows, and maybe a selection of weapons, so they aren't all holding vibro-axes.

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    It is time for a new one, and I agree, an assortment of weapons would be great.
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I'd definitely be up for an updated Gamorrean Guard. It should have a more neutral pose instead of the lunging-forward pose of the POTF2 version.

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I cant wait for a new Gamorrean Guard! I will have to buy a few of them for sure. As long as they're nicely detailed, I'm game, since they are one of my favorite characters.

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I'm really looking forward to a new Gamorrean Guard. Hopefully they'll include pikes and axes both.

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Axe and Force Pike are a must, it'd be nice if it were a mid-wave replacement of the hooded version (seen in the outtake footage in the excellent YouTube documentary: Returning to Jedi
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