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Thread: Gamorrean Guard - VC21

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Sign me up for one of these .
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I want him to have a nice big head. The POTF2's head was too small.

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I'd easily buy 4 or 5. I love the Jabba's palace gang.
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    The POFT2 Piggy is actually pretty good but it's time for an upgrade. Just out of curiosity does anyone know if there's any concept Gamorrean's new or old?
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Articulated knees is the first thing that comes to mind. Then, including both axe and pike would be welcomed too.

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I hate the next couple of year type answer - but it's a welcome announcement - there's three weapons to cover on three essentially "the same" costumes.
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Yes, very welcomed news but we should be getting him sooner. We'll no doubt be getting a lot of junky and unnecessary EU figures in the meantime. I want the new figure to look something like the old SAGA 12" figure with both an axe and a staff and a soft goods furry skirt. I think the paint job could be improved a bit with a little more flesh tone around the nose and mouth (so long as it's not over-done) and I think the face itself needs to be wider.


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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Long overdue. This dude should've come out before a new Malakili imo...although I agree the POTF2 and OTC versions still hold well (especially the OTC for me, love that figure carded).

    Still, really glad he's on his eventual way...

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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    I'll get one of these as soon as they come out. Whenever that ends up being.
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    Re: Gamorrean Guard

    Finally been waiting on an upgrade for these guys for ages it seems! I hope they're able to pull off better articulation with a big figure like this!
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