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Thread: Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueStar View Post
    Love the weathering detail! Customizing goals for me someday. I have lots of "fodder" to try on. Unfortunately no extra VC Snowspeeder.

    Was the VC the only release of that properly-scaled Snowspeeder? I really hope it does get released, like the idea above about releasing it for the 40th anniversary of ESB.
    Thank you. I have a bin of extra vehicles that I specifically acquired to do detailed weathered versions of. It ran out of space so I knocked several out in the last few weeks. I just finished a BS AT-ST & a VC Imperial Assault Tank that I will be posting shots of today.

    Also to answer your question, this Snowspeeder sculpt was also available in the ‘Shadows of the Darkside’ line (dark blue with Clone Trooper on box). Except for the packaging, It is the exact same.

    "May the Funk be with You!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strobeeone View Post
    Had an extra of the VC Snowspeeder & finally had a chance to do some weathering & additional detail...

    That's awesome weathering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eightball View Post
    That's awesome weathering.
    Thank you.
    "May the Funk be with You!"

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