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Thread: Leia (Hoth Outfit) - VC03

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    That’s a good point. But I think so many people are reporting seeing them that they must be at retail. Of course, all my area Walmarts have completely removed TVC from pegs, so I’m out of luck either way.
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    Amazon has discounted ones ...of course the packaging is damaged and comes in a bubble wrap. But they have Han and Luke too.
    I wish Leia had “wigs” like most Han’s. Would be nice to upgrade some! May work fairly easy with some Slave Leia’s and Bespin. I think at least one of the Slave girls has a removable hairpiece

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    Spotted the TVC Hoth Leia repaint online for $10 shipped, so I snagged one (because I had reward points to burn). I wasn't too keen on buying any of these rehashed paintjobs at first, but Leia looks great. I still love the basic Hoth Leia from the Solo line, but I can never have too many Leia figures. I'm an opener, but I love the cardback so much, that I might actually keep this one carded because its mint as well. Its probably one of my favorite cardbacks from the entire TVC run. Hopefully we can get an ANH Leia (hood up) with a similar likeness before TVC comes to a close. A TFA General Leia (vest) with photo real tech would also be nice, considering how the TBS 3.75 figure of her from TFA turned out...

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