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Thread: Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) - VC04

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    Perhaps I'm remembering wrong, but the last version never bothered me. What was its issues? I remember the headsculpt being meh, but this sculpt doesn't look like Luke to me, either.

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    Beautiful looking figure and when compared to the recent DS2 Luke I think it clearly demonstrates why we were so disappointed with that release. They are generations apart. DS2 Luke looked like something Mattel woudl produce. This Bespin Luke shows what Hasbro is capable of and what we have come to expect and hope for nowadays in a figure. This is a great figure in every way that I can see. That all said, I don't need a Bespin Luke so I'll pass.

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##


    a bespin Luke I like and will buy.


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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    Any chance it will be a 6th figure in this wave? (Hoth Luke)? Have they ever put two Lukes in one wave befor?
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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    I was satisfied with my VOTC Bespin Luke but after seeing this I'm upgrading. Better shoulders and hips and the belt is a major improvement. It has bothered me that the VOTC Luke's blaster is tiny compared to some that come with Han Solo. Count me in on this one.
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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    See the discussion in the thread for the wave, but it's pretty clear that the other figures are likely to be the Han from the Hoth Hangar (we know for sure one of them is Han) and then a Cloud Car Pilot...

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    The definitive Bespin Luke IMHO. I love the overall sculpt, the inclusion of the saber hilt on his belt, and the head sculpt actually looks like Hammill over the last attempt. This is already going to be one of my favorite figures of the year. I'm super, super stoked about this one.

    Extremely pleased and well worth the nearing unbearable drought of news.

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    Great looking update to Bespin Luke! Looks to be all new, except maybe the torso. Are those ball jointed hips I see? The 'cut' is not your typical T-crotch formation, but rather the V-crotch style. Guess we'll see.

    As nice as this figure is though, I must admit I wish we were getting Hoth Luke instead. I feel we need that version much more than another Bespin fatigues Luke.

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    Re: Luke Skywalker - Bespin - TVC ##

    With medical frigate Luke, Resurgence of the Jedi farmboy Luke, Snowspeeder Luke, and now Bespin Luke, I think Hasbro is really starting to nail definitive Lukes. Even DSII Luke has a nice headsculpt (too bad it landed on such a crappy body). Still a few Lukes that need upgraded, but I'm impressed with what we're getting.

    And if he doesn't have ankle articulation, I'm not extremely disappointed with that. While he might be a bit better with it, I don't think it's always necessary, and the joints would probably be a different color than the boots anyway, so the figure probably looks better this way.

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