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Thread: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

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    Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    Continued from previous thread.

    If you are looking to buy any Build-A-Droid pieces for your collection


    If you have any Build-A-Droid pieces to sell, please list them here and only here.

    Any alternate threads started in this section for BAD's will be locked. The purpose of this is to avoid cluttering up the first page, thus making it easier to navigate for everyone. If you have BAD's to TRADE, please list them here in the Modern Trading Worldwide section. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    updated list below!

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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    Reposting this on the new thread.

    R4-P44: Head and middle leg
    BG-J38: Torso
    HK-50: Left leg X2
    HK-50: Right arm
    L8-L9: Left arm and flame effect
    R5-A2: Head and middle leg

    U-3PO: Left arm Silver
    U-3PO: Head Silver
    U-3PO: Right leg Silver
    U-3PO: Left Leg Silver
    R2-L3: Body
    R2-L3: Left leg
    R2-L3: Right leg
    R4-D6: Right Leg
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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    List updated
    HK-50 right leg(2)
    HK-50 left arm
    R4-D6 body
    BG-J38 arms
    BG-J38 right leg(2)
    R3-M3 mid leg
    BG-J38 torso, head, left leg-pending

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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    Here are my needs:
    5D6-RA7 Black entire Droid or Parts
    BG-J38: Left arm, Left leg

    I check to see what I got to trade but I'll pay cash or Paypal for now. Thanks

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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    I have the parts shown in the pictures below available FOR YOU.

    They include parts to BG-J38, L8-L9, HK-50, HK-47, R4-P44, R3-M3, R7-Z0, R4-J1, and the orange Echo Base R3 droid.

    I need:

    HK-47 right arm
    HK-47 right leg

    R7-Z0 dome and middle leg
    R5-C7 left leg
    R5-C7 left leg (again)
    R4-P44 right leg

    Please post or message me if we can arrange a trade for parts, 1-for-1.

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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    All gone
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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    Quote Originally Posted by evilanimation

    You need the parts to complete these, right? I have the dome for R4-J1.

    I need the left arm for MB-RA7. What color is your U-3PO head? I think I need champagne.
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    Re: Build-A-Droid Buy & Sell Thread #2

    Sent you a PM evilanimation.

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