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Thread: Sci-Fi Titaniums

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Quote Originally Posted by LeoFett
    TRON & TRON Legacy
    Good call. Light Cycles? The tanks? I'd buy that line.

    Eric Franks
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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Then you guys might wanna see these babies which have just been re-released:

    A little beefy but it might work for somebody.

    The new-style lightcycles from Tron Legacy look pretty cool too...

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Quote Originally Posted by Warsaw_Wonder
    Deak_Starkiller, Hawk's ship from Buck Rogers is badazz!
    That'd be cool to own. Has any company ever made that ship? A Japanese company? A garage kit?

    Update: Here's my answer BattleBuck
    Awesome...if a Titanium is indeed made on this, I'd like to see that wing articulation, or in general some form of articulation on some of these suggestions that make these ships/vehicles stand out.
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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Good question.

    I'd like to see the Ebon Hawk and Moldy Crow from the EU.

    Babylon 5, Farscape, Space: Above and Beyond. How about the Discovery from 2010? or the Valley Forge from Silent Running? The Liberator from Blake's
    7? The list is endless.

    As for Buck Rogers, i always loved the Thunderfighter.

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Quote Originally Posted by efranks
    Quote Originally Posted by LeoFett
    TRON & TRON Legacy
    Good call. Light Cycles? The tanks? I'd buy that line.

    Hallmark is releasing a Tron Legacy Light Cycle ornament this fall!

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    I made a custom 'titanium' of one of the ships I'd like to see the most - I really enjoyed the Dune miniseries that was on the SyFy Channel several years ago, and from the various ships that were on the show, I liked the Spacing Guild Heighliner the most. I scratch built the one below, its about the size of the Battlestar Pegasus from the BSG line. In the photo, I have her next to a miniature transport barge:

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Dude! I recognized that one right away. Very nice job. I really liked the ships Dune (that mini-series in particular), but no one ever made any models of them. Is it hollow in the center?

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    We have just folded space from Ix...

    Agreed, very nice. I really must get around to seeing the miniseries versions of Dune... I've only seen snippets so this Heighliner design is new to me. Quite nice.

    I'm a big fan of the look (sets, costumes, ships, weird vibe) of David Lynch's Dune, though I'd have to say that the movie's deeply flawed.
    Still, a it's a classic... especially the Guild Navigators and the mystical way they folded space in the film.

    Thanks for the HM Lightcycle info, Bosski... looks sharp.

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    Thanks guys - and if you've never seen the Dune miniseries, you should really make the time to watch it, in my opinion its better than the original movie. They also did a second miniseries called Children of Dune, which rivals the first at some points.

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    Re: Sci-Fi Titaniums

    I agree. Both Dune and Children of Dune were very well done and are well worth watching.

    I wonder why they didn't continue to make the rest of the dune series?

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