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Thread: Blue Snaggletooth - Seperate figure or variation

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    Blue Snaggletooth - Seperate figure or variation

    The thread about, what to be considered a complete basic set without variation, made me start this thread.

    Seems like we all agree that the two different C-3PO and the three R2-D2 figures all are different figures and not just variations, even through the first ones were replaced with the newer ones. They also have different production numbers, which clearly indicates, that they are different figures.

    We also agree that Jawa vinyl/cloth cape, Han Solo small/large head and the DT/standard lightsaber figures all are variations and not different figures. I agree on this as they have the same production numbers, the exact same names and the same cardbacks.

    What we disagree about is whether blue Snaggletooth is just a variation of the red one or a completely different figures. The huge difference leans toward it's a different figure, but it has the same name (it was just called Snaggletooth on the packages) and as far as I know it also have the same production number, which leans toward variation.

    I used to call it a figure of it's own but is no longer so sure, whether it is, or just a very major variation, I mostly lean towards variation. No matter what, I still believes it belongs in a basic set of figures.

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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    there are a lot of differences between the blue and red snagg,so i would say its a different figure.
    although its youre own point of view.
    1 blue is taller then red
    2 blue has boots and red bare feet.

    blue has a variation "dent" or "no dent" in the right foot.

    hope this helps you out

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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio


    It's meant to be the same character. Didn't kenner just design it based on a limited picture and were later told to change it?

    It has the same name, unlike things like R2 or C3P0 who have a different name on the card (Sensorscope etc)

    These figures were intended to be different figures. Blue/red snag were not.

    The number of differences are not enough for me to consider it a different figure. You could just as easily say 'the number of variations' hence making it a variation!
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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    I think it falls in both categories, it is of course a variation but for most its also an iconic figure in its own right.

    There is no other figure in the line that was produced then scrapped and remade correctly, it has a cool story and when people start out, getting a Blue Snaggletooth is one of the highlights of a loose collection, its something people definitely rank highly when putting a set together.

    A variation thats worthy of its own figure status
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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    Figure on it's own or variation? It really is a good question when you think about it a minute. For me I almost say variation simply because both figs have the same name. However they are different enough to be considered seperate figures. Also if you look at limelight pics of peoples complete sets you quite often see Blue Snags there. I don't know , I'm going to go think about it some more.
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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a vari

    It's a fact, they're technically 2 different figures. I argue this on the fact that Kenner based the two figures on separate characters in two separate formats (movie vs. T.V) and the reference photos confirm this. Blue Snag is based on Takeel and red snag is based on Zutton. I rest my case...
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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    I think we should get it right from the horse's mouth.

    Vintage_City: Mr. Blue, are you now or have you ever been a variation of Mr. Red?

    Mr. Blue: Absolutely not.

    Vintage_City: Please tell us why.

    Mr. Blue: I'd be happy to. First of all, I am much taller than my friend Mr. Red. Most variations have differences in paint applications or suttle mold changes. My height is not a suttle change. Furthermore, my body is cast in blue, not red. No other figure variation can make such a claim. I am wearing gloves. My face is a totally different color than my friend's and I am wearing knee high silver boots. I was produced by mistake -- that's true. We have the same name -- also true. But I will say this: I was never carded. No loose figure collection is complete without me. I'd say that makes me a figure of my own.

    Vintage_City: Thanks, Mr. Blue, for taking the time to clear this up. Back to you, HWR.

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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    Brett as Perry Mason. Love it!!!! Case closed! Now where's Della and his beer???
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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    Was the Blue snag changed to Red at the request of Lucas film?
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    Re: blue Snag: a figure of it\'s own or just a variatio

    It does not matter if they ARE one in the same film character, no loose collection is complete without Mr. Blue


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