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Thread: ForceCast Mobile Applications

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Yep,its working now.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Mine won't open. :/

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    All is good in the galaxy again, working fine now.
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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Mine's working too.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Just downloaded an update for bug fixes.
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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Hey guys,

    I just downloaded the new app however when I open it a message appears saying ďALERT: There are no previously downloaded episodes for offline modeĒ. I then click ĎDoneí and it closes the application. Now I already have all of my episodes synced to my iPod so I canít figure this out. I donít have my internet connected to the iPod either so I donít know if thatís it. The only thing I can think of is that I change the name of each pod cast to have all of the same Artist information, since my iPod mixes them into different folders on the iPod unless they have the same Artist name. I donít change it much Ė I just add a hyphen in Force-Cast. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    The app downloads the podcast seperatly to you iTunes downloads, it wont recognise ones you already have.
    You need to be online to download episodes to use with the app, once they're downloaded you will be able to use them offline.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    So, the first exclusive content has hit. Anybody want to share what we are missing out on?
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    Re: The Forcecast App

    It's Jimmy Macs radio special for CBS Radio prior to the Episode 3 release, 105.9 WCKG Star Wars Radio Special.
    Some of which we've heard before but can now hear in it's entirety.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Would you guys consider releasing the app for Macs? I would really, really like to be able to run it.

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