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Thread: ForceCast Mobile Applications

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Yeah I get the same; Error: app_id [tfn394] does not match destination id []
    I check to see if there were any up dates that might have caused the message but there were no updates that needed to be applied.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Add me to that list, the App is not working and getting the same error message
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    Re: The Forcecast App

    I dropped Jimmy a message on Facebook, I'm sure he'll let the appropriate people know once he sees it.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    I'm experiencing the same app malfunction and I have alerted the approriate parties. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon. Thanks for the alert and our apologies for this hiccup.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    I'm glad to hear the I'm not the only one having problems. With all the problems I've been having with this phone I wasn't sure.

    Anyway, I downloded the app yesterday and what I saw of it seemed great.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Looks like all the problems have been resolved and everything is back to normal!

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Im still getting the error message as of today.

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    I opened it up just before I came to work at 3pm Echo3. How about everyone else? Everyone else's working ok?
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    Re: The Forcecast App

    Mine seems to be working fine now!!! Thanks

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    Re: The Forcecast App

    All good here.

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