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Thread: Aurra Sing - WalMart Exclusive

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    So in my area, DtF/Movie Heroes basic figures are full price. I had previously picked up G8 and due to a lack of any new product (and little chance of being able to acquire the VC versions) I thought I might pick up a Naboo pilot or Ric Olie for army building purposes until I realized there were at least 3 Rics and 4 pilots. Most of these figures are destined for clearance prices so paying $10 for a retail clog seemed foolish. There was only one Aura at the Wal*mart I was shopping in and none at the others in the area so my choice was clear.

    Now that I've been able to inspect it out of the package I must say it is a fine figure. The belt/holster and other accessories really make it feel worth full price.
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    I really like this figure a lot, it's very well done. I also love the briefcase (I would love to have a few more for the Anakin/Padme Return-To-Theed scene, that would look great.

    The briefcases in those new Disney Theme Park Sets would be GREAT for that, but there is no way for me to get those. I'm not interested in any of dropping good money on those figures AT ALL and I'm certainly not interested in buying paying for either of those sets for just a suitcase.
    Having said that however.......
    I have to admit that I have been looking in various aisles (even all the girl's/dolls aisles)at TRU's, Targets, etc to see if there are any inexpensive items that may come with a suitcase(s) that would fit into the
    3-3/4" figures' hands. No luck as of yet though, lol. Anyone know of any toy(s) that come w/briefcases? I mean like ANY toy line---GIJoe, Barbie (that's about the extent of my toy knowledge outside of SW), any toys???

    Back to this figure though, I don't know if I like this version more or the CW version more. They both have their good parts and bad parts. (Im going to refer to this version as the "VC" version simply because its easier than an acronym for "Discover The Force", plus I've never seen one used for it anyway, lol). The holsters on the VC version are MUCH better than how they did it in the CW version, I never liked holsters molded onto the thigh. BUT.....and THIS IS A BIG "BUT"---> the ball jointed torso on the CW Aurra is MUCH BETTER than the VC's swivel crap. I like the face, hair, & hands on the CW a little better too, although the antenna on her dome is better on the VC, the CW's is too thick. Ankle articulation would have been great on the VC, but I can't say that I loved the CW's ankles, even though they were articulated (I just think they didnt get the boots done right).

    Overall, I'd have to give them a tie. I can't say one is better or worse than the other. They both have their strong points and they both have their flaws. If you took the suitcase(w/the saber hilts) out of the competition, I think I'd take the CW version over the VC version by just a hair.

    PS--ball jointed hips on either/both of these would have made this figure one of the best in their respective lines!!

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    How about Playmobil? There are lots of loose items on ebay

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    Quote Originally Posted by obijuan View Post
    Does anyone else think that she's a bit shorter comparatively to Aayla Secura? Aayla's 5'10" and Aurra's 5'8" so they should be around the same height, yet Aayla seemingly towers over Aurra.
    She should actually be taller than Aayla now since TCW retconned Aurra's height to 6'0".

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    Was looking at my Aurra Sing TPM Wal-mart exclusive figure again recently, and am still highly impressed at this toy. Great figure, with a lot of amazing accessories. I'm still amazed that this came with as much as it did...

    I remember when I first got this figure in Summer 2012, I got the last one @ Wal-mart & the package was beat to $%$%. However, I really wanted the figure anyway. TVC version was coming out that Fall, and I was never able to get this since it was an online exclusive (at the time, I didn't like buying anything through the mail).

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    I guess that makes it right then. When you can draw a cartoon character in any size, but are stuck with the constraints of the actor hired to portray that character.
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    You need get her speeder bike to complement the character/figure.

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