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Thread: Feedback for Goldleaderone

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    Feedback for Goldleaderone

    Glad to post Goldleaderone first transaction here on RS. Great communication and lightning fast shipping!
    "I am altering the deal.......Pray I do not alter it any further"-DV.

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    Re: Feedback for Goldleaderone

    Did a deal and he was quick to pay and extremely helpful with educating me on Action Fleet stuff.

    Good guy overall! Enjoy the TIE
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    Re: Feedback for Goldleaderone

    Great communication, fast, smooth, will do business again! A+++

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    Re: Feedback for Goldleaderone

    Very communicative, fast shipment, seamless transaction. Tight packaging! My Advanced Tie crossed the Atlantic without a scratch!!

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    GoldLeaderOne was a pleasure to deal with. Paid fast, was patient, and is cool. I hope to deal with more like him.

    See ya' bro.

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    Dave bought a couple figures off me and everything went great. I wouldn't hesitate to do another deal with him in the future.

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    Great 'scummer to wheel and deal with!
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    Dave bought an AF vehicle and paid super fast...A+ in my book

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    this is my 2nd deal with David, a pleasure to work with....enjoy !!!!

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    Ultra fast payment from Dave. Awesome scummer and hope to deal with again

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