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Thread: Recent Acquisitions #2

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Just picked up Coruscant Nights 2: Street of Shadows.
    I'll start it as soon as I finish the book I'm working on form that "other" franchise.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Just got these from the comic shop the other day:

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #49, #50
    Star Wars: Legacy #44, #45
    Star Wars: Purge
    Star Wars: Dark Times #15, #16
    Star Wars: Insider #115 (Collectors' Edition)
    Star Wars: Insider #116 (Collectors' Edition)
    Star Wars: Insider #117 (Exclusive Collectors' Cover)
    Star Wars: Adventures - Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Picked up the Outcast paperback edition. It looks hideous next to the other Star Wars books. The FotJ cover scheme baffles me.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I got the Outcast paperback as well. You can't say the bright cover doesn't catch your eye. I read it as a hardcover, and thought it was ok. I'll know soon if a second reading helps me think more favorably of the book (The Force Unleashed), or confirms my "ok" original status (Millennium Falcon).
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Quote Originally Posted by KillerVole
    Picked up the Outcast paperback edition....
    Found this at Wal-Mart ($5.97 pre-tax). I hadn't realized the release was scheduled, if I hadn't read it on this thread I would've missed it.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Just got the Hardcover of The Complete Making of Indiana Jones by Rinzler. Haven't peeked at it yet, but I was glad to get the HC edition for pretty cheap (around $40).

    It isn't pristine--the DJ has a couple of wrinkles and imprints, but no out-and-out tears, and once I get it in mylar it'll be fine.

    Hope it's as good as The Making of SW was.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    picked up the star wars lego visual dictionary at my daughter's school book fair. didn't come with the mini-fig though

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I finally got a copy of the "Fate of the Jedi: Backlash" in Hardback.

    I also came across a "Scanimation" book that was pretty cool.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Increased my collection of books and trades at a recent con. Picked up:
    Specter of the Past
    Vision of the Future
    Tag & Bink Were Here TPB
    Inifinates: A New Hope TPB
    Darth Maul TPB

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I bought SW Essential Atlas the other day.

    I am hoping to find that HC Thrawn Trilogy soon.

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