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Thread: Recent Acquisitions #2

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I picked up a few today:

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Gambit (Hardback)
    Star Wars: Crosscurrent (Paperback)
    Star Wars: The Shadows of mindor (Paperback reprint)
    Star Wars: Vader (I need to double check, but it would appear that the pages are OK on this one.)

    Fifth Edition Star Wars collectors wishbook (Hardback). I get the impression that this is a lot like Guss and Duncan's guide to collectibles, so i'm looking forward to taking a look at this one too.

    Just waiting for the Millennium Falcon in paperback and the next LOTF Hardback.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    FINALLY got my Hardcover version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Gambit. Was really concerned that it was lost in the mail!

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I picked up Deathtroopers for five bucks at a thrift store. It's the only way I get hardcovers. I hope it's good.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Found a hardcover collection of the Thrawn Trilogy this weekend. It collects the three trades into one hc volume. I'd never seen this one before so when I saw it I had to get it.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I saw that last week at Barnes & Noble. Looked like a cool book. If I didn't already have all the comics, I'd have picked it up. Still might if they ever mark it down a little.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I just picked up the paperback release of Millennium Falcon.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Even though this is not a book, but this was so cool...

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I have to run out and get Entertainment Weekly!

    Hit the Media-UP library sale this weekend and picked up the following:


    Darth Bane: Path of Destruction
    Darth Bane: Rule of Two
    Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
    Han Solo Trilogy: Rebel Dawn
    The Mandalorian Armor
    Slave Ship
    Hard Merchandise
    Planet of Twilight
    Survivorís Quest
    Tales from the Mos Eisley Cnatina
    Tales from the Bounty Hunters
    Tales from the Empire
    The Lost City of the Jedi

    Young Jedi Knight series:
    Heirs of the Force
    The Shadow Academy
    The Lost Ones
    Darkest Knight
    Jedi Under Siege
    Shards of Alderaan
    Diversity Alliance
    Delusions of Grandeur
    Jedi Bounty
    The Emperor's Plague

    Death Star
    The Force Unleashed

    Not ex-library, donations from patrons. Almost every book is in excellent condition (only two have any real flaws Ė small bends on the covers). These, a few other Arthurian books Iíve been looking for, ran me a grand total of $23.50.

    I love library sales.

    No Jedi escape -- from my collection.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    Dude sweet find!

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions #2

    I absolutely love library sales here in the Philly area.

    Besides what I bought, they had TWO complete sets of the NJO, most of the earlier post-OT novels and a complete Jedi Apprentice set. And the one volunteer working the sale told me they were light on SW this year!

    There's two more great sales next weekend, when I hope I can round out the collection.

    No Jedi escape -- from my collection.

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