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Thread: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

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    I bought another Millennium Falcon watch by Invicta. This one has a nicely done watch face featuring the top of the Falcon with the date etc shown through strategically placed holes. It also has a nice engraving on the back and is limited to an edition size of 1977 pieces.

    As with my my other Invicta watch, it’s a little to chunky and in your face for me to wear. Definitely one for the collection.

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    My collecting has slowed down somewhat while I try and pay off a painting, but i'm still able to get some bits and bobs to keep it ticking over.

    This week I ordered a Millennium Falcon candy vending machine. I thought it was a little different.

    It's quite cute and I am pleased that it still has the sweets in it.

    I also bought this light up lanyard.

    It was a lit bigger than I expected and the Falcon is about six inches long.

    Delivery charges for Ebay have shot up, haven't they?

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    I remember the Falcon candy machine...I think our Toy R Us’s had them back when.

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