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Thread: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    I want to see that F.Mint Falcon. Its not the same as that pewter falcon made by another company is it?

    troy patterson

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    I think the other company was Rawcliffe pewter. I'm not sure of the size of their piece, but i think it's about 3 inches. (I still need to get one of those. I'll have a good look on e/bay next month.)

    The Franklin Mint one is about 6 inches long with gold accent on the deflector dish and top cannon. I really like this one. I got it about 1995, way before i'd even heard of Code 3, MR, Icons et al. It's a real nostalgic piece for me. (There was a gold plated 20th anniversary variation that i need to track down too.) I shall try to post some photos next week.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    OK, this e/bay thing has officially gone too far.

    I'm currently bidding for this Puzz 3D puzzle of the Millennium Falcon. 837 pieces. I shall never finish it, i don't have the patience.

    My cufflinks arrived this morning too. Superb.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    Look at
    and click Mike Demaine's collection

    anyone know more about this doorsticker (docking bay 94).
    New displays and presentation ideas..........

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    LOL. Thanks Catch, you're supposed to encourage me, not put me off. Clearly i have a long way to go.

    If anyone wants to look at a serious collection of Millennium Falcon memorabelia, look there. It's pretty incredible.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    The Code 3 Falcon. A lot of collectors don't rate it, but i love it. At the time it was $300 so it cost me about 230 including the case. Pretty reasonable IMO. The details not too shabby as you can see. I can imagine that you'd be able to pick these up quite cheaply now. Personally, i thought that it was a good effort.

    [photo]142706[/photo] [photo]142705[/photo] [photo]142707[/photo] [photo]142708[/photo] [photo]142709[/photo]

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    OK, i won the Millennium Falcon 3D Puzzle, so that will be coming in the next few days.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders
    Cool cpenafan,looking forward to seeing some associated photos.

    I've just discovered e/bay and have found someone selling the Code 3 Millennium Falcon etched glass cube that was a limited run for a convention that was at the time. $13.99 plus postage and packing. I've ordered one, but can't pay on Paypal as he hasn't set up his shopfront properly. Watch this space.

    Anyway, here's a photo.

    The seller has 9 left. PM me if you want one and i'll send a link.
    I've just tried to pay for this again, and the vendor has changed the shipping details to Canada and the USA only. I'm pretty cheesed off as i was really looking forward to that.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    Didn't you already win it? If so I don't think he can change the terms. But if you have problems maybe I can buy it on your behalf and send it to you.

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    Re: Millennium Falcon collection focus.

    It was one of those "buy it now" sales. I've mailed them, so i'll wait a couple of days to see what they say so i may take you up on that offer later icruise. Thanks.

    I received an e/mail from them this evening. They say they do ship to the UK, but need to check. It's probably just an error.

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