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Thread: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

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    FUNKO Star Wars Monsters


    I know alot are going to complain about these. But these are some of the coolest looking items in a long time. Star Wars and Horror together. PERFECT!!

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    That Stormtrooper is awesome!

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    Yep. That stormtrooper is REALLY cool looking. I don't know if it's what FUNKO was going for but I think Yoda is very reminiscent of Rat-Fink. That's not a bad thing at all. I hope these will make it up to Canada so it's easier for me to collect them. I'm thinking FUNKO is adding the "Now that's Different" factor into an already fun collection.
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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    really nice pieces.. hope they do a Boba Fett I will want that !

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    ha. Pretty cute, but not for me.

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    If these were any more awesome I would crap myself. They combine my 2 favorite collectibles: Classic Monsters and Star Wars. Chewie and Stormie are a MUST!!!

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    I TOTALLY agree a Fett version will fly off the shelves! I need to have that one in my collection.
    It's a great time to be a Fett collector!

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    I like them too. Don't know if they would make a Jabba one. Would they? Could they?
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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    It seems pretty unlikely since these are basically bobbleheads and those are generally humanoid. I'm also not sure how you could make Jabba more gruesome than he already is.

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    Re: FUNKO Star Wars Monsters

    Definitely gonna want a Fett if they do one.

    I'm thinking I might need to purchase a Yoda as well. Just to have him sit next to my Rat Fink at the office.

    A friend of mine is a hardcore Funko collector so I know I'll be seeing these at some point.
    Mmmm... Twilek Goth Girls.... Rwarrrr...

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