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Thread: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    All of this goes back to marc and him selling fakes and keeping the money...that &#*@!) got to hurt the board 2x.
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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    I was out of this whole Marc Moser/Discowookie fiasco and none of my items, or money were lost. In regards to Graham's service I think it's outstanding. When 'your money' and 'your items' get messed with, it causes one heck of an emotional response.

    We've had some shoddy things happen here and some people who've held signing events that are not to keen with a sense of business and/or customer service.

    The current state of the autograph forum CANNOT be fun for anyone, user, moderator, or passer by's.... As a 'user' I find it's full of stress and It's no longer my 'escape'. I try to get into it and read..but now for the most part it's just 'sale threads' and fluff.

    It's a shame all this has to happen. The practical ones here know the important contributors to this autograph forum. Those contributors will always be the ones that we'll always turn to when it comes to needing real information such as authenticity, 'in-person' tips, signature placement, ANYTHING that has any relation to the concept of "AUTOGRAPH".

    This new rule for transactions is a step. BUT I agree with my fellow members the autograph forum. Changes with the way things are done here have to be made, or good, quality contributing members will leave the unneeded drama.
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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Hey, The_King.

    Thanks for the dig, not entirely sure who you are but if you got an ACTUAL problem then how about we actually talk it out in public.

    To be open and frank how about I list all of my current outstanding :-

    Starmania/Ewok - I lump these together because realistically a a few of the ewoks are still to sign the piece. All of the members of the Ewok signings (the only signatures still to be added as I ensured that everyone else who didn't sign at Starmania for non attendance was added after the fact or replaced with someone else).

    The Ewoks signings are ongoing Wheeler and Read are next to sign (not happened yet as a couple of folks wanted to delay payment), Andy Herd & Katie Purvis will be added after that you wrap up the UK leg.

    Both Kenny Baker and Kiran have been paid for the sigs but we have not, as yet, met to get pen to paper. Only a matter of time and everyone involved is aware of the situation.

    Margaret Towner - All of these have now shipped (other than those people who asked me to hold onto them and ship them together with other stuff). There was a delay in shipping the 11x14 whilst I decided the best way for this to happen and then waiting until our glorious Christmas post out of the way.

    Memorabilia - Most of these items were the PT stuff that I already had (and continue to hold for upcoming signings) All members are aware that I still have their stuff - seeing as they asked me to hold onto it. There were a couple of other items that have also shipped.

    Collectormania London - For the record. None of the send-in stuff was mine (hence my numerous posts beforehand stating that I would not be running one). Indeed for all Showmasters events I will no longer be able to take any send-in items as I assist the organisers and Graham with their own archival requirements.

    The reason that I was 'sticking up' for Graham is that he is a friend and I knew both the scale of the endeavour and the fact that there was no problem with any of your items.

    I really, really wish you could all appreciate just how crappy our postal service is at times. It is, quite frankly, a joke.

    Alan Ruscoe - Unfortunately, Alan was ill on the day that the signing was meant to occur and we are due to meet in the next four weeks to get them all done. These will (at least the ones that need to) ship within 7-14 days of the signing taking place.

    Again, for the record, let me point out that the reason that I am able to keep the prices of the private signings low is the fact that I do not make any profit from them, In fact, when you work out the time spent making sure I get the orders and photos ordered, getting the stuff collated, travelling to the meet then packing and posting not to mention setting up the signing in the first place it should really be clear to anyone with half a brain that I do this simply for my love of the PT and to try and make sure that people get some unusual and nice signatures.

    Which leaves me with the x-wing multi-piece. This was decided, as a group, to rest this for a while to allow the piece to catch up and to give everyone's wallets a break, this is due to kick off again in the next two months. Again everyone is aware of this.

    Now, I didn't really need to post all of this. I did it because I am open and have absolutely nothing to hide.

    If you don't want to take part in any of my private signings /send-ins in the future then that's awesome. I don't have a problem with that but really, don't start throwing my name out willy-nilly.

    As an aside, if you are a member of any of the groups mentioned above and you weren't aware of any of this then can I suggest that you read the respective threads.


    Can we resume normal service please?

    BTW - The handmaiden multi/Liz Wilson signing folks, lots of you have PM'd me to take part but forgotten to let me have (and send the funds) for your photo choice - this especially means the Keira slot folks as I'll need you to pick a photo on the offchance that I don't manage to get Keira on one of the pieces that I have in my possession before the OPX order arrives.
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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Me, I love for sale threads, is this real, recent scores, does this guy sign type be honest, its about the same(in my opinion) type and amount of threads...its just theres at times a negative pallor that hangs over that it can make thinks seem odd/negative. Marc faking all that stuff and ruining a lot of pieces , one of my big ones included, really hurt a lot of people and that negative charge fills the air. That in turn has made people SUPER on edge so now that items are showing up a few weeks late from some large signings, stress abounds and tempers flare again. I think that not having an official statement and decision on the Discowookie/Marc scam and how it was rightly or wrongly dealt with has kept there from being a LOT of closure. And then how things will be different so things like that don't happen in the future, which is what this thread is trying to do, will help out a LOT.

    All the people who have posted on this thread...there is not a single BAD GUY on this list...sometimes some people make mistakes, in both what they do in how they react to things...but its human and the best thing you can do is take ownership of your mistakes, forgive others and yourself for that mistake, and move on. Talking about a problem on its own, and exploring it honestly and fairly/respectfully is NEVER wrong...The trick is to keep it to that level of interaction.

    There probably needs to be a mod started thread discussing the entire Discowookie/Marc Moser situation, started by a mod and then as "your so bad" blame free as possible responded to by the people involved. Just get it out in the open and acknowledged what was done wrong and right in the situation, and how it will NEVER happen again including the steps (partially listed out at the top) to avoid it. As for people getting upset about send ins/signings done by other individuals...if its a larger scale signing that could have some issues, maybe it should be discussed with the moderator and have a thread for it pegged to the top until its completed and the vast majority of people have their stuff back, then can be unpegged and let slide down as it winds down...that way people can feel updated on what is going on, and also less panicked if something slows down/causes issues...Also maybe what all goes into a "mail my valueable stuff through the mail" type of signing...that issues can arise that are really part/parcel with the risk associated with HOSTING/PARTICIPATING in one of these signings. Along with that, the expectations of both the buyers and the Sellers in something like a send away signing specifically.
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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Quote Originally Posted by GenoRules

    I fully expect you to get rid of me.

    I hope that doesn't happen, if it does, this can no longer be called a forum anymore, because it no longer will be.

    I'm sorry, but this is the biggest issue to hit this hobby, (and not whether someone answers a PM in time) and no one in a leadership position has taken a firm stance, one way or the other. As a fan and follower of this forum, I ask for leadership to take a stand. You talk about giving respect, well, as someone who knows many who have been hurt, defrauded, and no longer can call this place a home, I ask for respect to be given us and those affected.

    Discowookie sold fakes here. The fact that he is no longer active shouldn't matter. If its only current members that will be posted in some list, that will make them stop posting and selling here, great, what then...their name comes off the list because they're no longer active?

    Please understand I do not mean to come off rude, or disrespectful, but this is an unbelievably serious issue, and I really feel that leadership needs to address this, not censor it, and not kick members out for sharing an opinion. And apologies if this is not the thread to bring it all up in, I just really feel that it needs to be addressed before other rules. Thanks for your time and attention.
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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    I hate to say this Zham, but there are bad guys that have posted above. Not necessarily for selling fakes or taking peoples money, but more for their deceitful two-faced ways.

    As for The King, you are obviously someone who has created an account to slate people because you dont have the [censored] to use you real account. Again being deceitful and two-faced, so using your normal account you can continue to kiss [censored]!
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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    This board is not even close to what it once was. I personally don't like talking auto's here anymore. There are a few guys a really like talking to (Geno, Clinton, Sithcalls, Bendu, Neilme) but for the most part people just complain. The MOD's are a bit drunk with power.

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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Discowookie is still a member here, so he should be on the list:

    I thought he was banned?

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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor_Von_Doom
    Discowookie is still a member here, so he should be on the list:

    I thought he was banned?
    WOW. Thats crazy.

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    Re: General Autograph Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    He was never banned, there has never been an official word from a mod on any of it. He just went quiet when the doubts were raised. As the evidence mounted up the silences continued.

    Personally I am sick of hearing about it, at this point people believe what they believe and nothing will change that. BUT, it is clear from the way it keeps coming up that a lot of people on the board still want closure on the issue. For whatever reason, it looks like that is not going to happen on this forum.

    In which case, we have to move on, discontented maybe, but it is the only way. If questionable graphs come up, question them. As for a warning thread about bad sellers, if it can't include all the bad sellers is there really a point?

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