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Thread: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    I only grabbed the rangers themselves, the other figs were disapointing (read lacking articulation) so they were and easy pass. But i love the range of motion on the single packed ones., Home of Scale Wars Also enjoy my 50 fav figures of 2011here

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    im really surprised to see these, its like seeing the jurassic park line just reappear out of nowhere. i mean this is from a show that came out almost 20 years ago (cant believe its been that long!). plus they had like 1000000 differenr TV power ranger TV shows which were just stupid since everyone knows the original series from the early 90's is the only one. so why would they make new figures from such an old show? i mean im happy to see PR's getting some love but it is kinda odd.

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    well last night i went to walmart, was passing by the toy section and saw these. ive been eyeing them for quite a while now since i saw them about a month ago. i have real fond memories of watching this show as a kid, haveing like all the action figures. when i saw these new ones in stores that were based off the ORIGINAL show, i was like man that is so awsome. for years now they've only been making PR figs based off one of those zillion idiotic spinoff stuff. but everyone knows that the real power rangers are the OIRIGINAL early to mid 90's guys. these new figures looked great, and they are updated with really awsome articulation, and there weapons are accurate and EXACTLY how i remember them! they each had there own indivual weapons. the guns i dont remember exactly but that was a cool idea to have it attach to there sides. they even made the putty guy who looks exactly like i remembered them! those putt fiends that were always attacking the power rangers lol. and goldar looks awsome. alpha 5 with the zordon head is just plain awsome and unexpected!

    anyway, walmart for once had ALL 6 of the rangers, which is cool cuz ussually they only have like 2 or 3 of them at one time. but this time they were all there, so i was like really deciding if i should get this cuz it would take up the last of my B-day cash, and eventually i just said screw it, i obviously want these. as corny as it may be, i really am happy i got these. they are fun and colorful on the shelf and certainly harken me back to a more simpler time in my life, i used to love this show and i wish they would release DVD's of it in the US. anyway, here they are, all 6 of them! now i just need the other 3 figs. damn, i never in a million years thought i'd be buying power rangers again, but here they are!


    also, is lord zed single packed or just available in that walmart 5 pack? i havent seen the walmart set, is it still available?

    also, what are the chances we will see any more figures in this line? i'd love a rita or the other monsters, and certainly a white ranger! they gotta make a white ranger.

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    also, just found out at toyfair that they will in fact be making the dragon zord vehicle and we're getting a white ranger! heres a pic, its small though.

    Uploaded with

    unfortuanly i saw no new villians.

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    It's the toy line that won't die.Look,I am not a big Power Ranger fan.I am suprised the line has lasted this long.

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    trust me, other then the original show, im not a big PR fan either. i just happen to see figures from the original show and was like whoa thats pretty neat. if i can at least get all the rangers and villians thats good enough for me. im glad we're getting the white ranger though, that should round it off pretty much.

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    Apparently wave 2 (or 1.5, depending on who you ask) is sprinkling into stores (Texas so far), consisting of wave 1 Rangers cast in translucent plastic (Green, Blue & Pink have been spotted) with silver dino-flyers. Yah, I don't get it either.

    It seems most retailers are clearancing out MMPR. I don't know if this is a bad thing though, they could simply be making room for Fall product (most/all Star Wars has been on sale or clearanced for weeks) The Megazord & 4" figures have always sold well in my area (except Goldar). The only stuff you ever see on pegs at any given store are the 2" super deformed figs, 4" Goldar, tiny role-play items and lots of gimmicky crap that never appeared on the show (battalized rangers, crazy bikes, etc.).

    It'll be interesting to see if White Ranger 1 & 2, Dragon Shield Red, Black & Blue, and single-carded Lord Zedd even make it into stores (not to mention those hideous monstrosities fans have affectionately coined 'shoulder rotor dildo rangers'). Or Titanus. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but it looks even less likely now for the 2011 Dragonzord and the much-hinted-at Rita Repulsa (teased thru Bandai's facebook post 'after 10,000 years she will finally be free').

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    these were shown at toyfair so im pretty sure we will see these in stores. they wouldnt go through all the trouble of making and showing off the dragonzord just to not release it. im not sure how this line sold but the regular figures seem to be doing great as i never see all the rangers there, mostly just goldars and such. and gawd i really hope we get a rita repusive! that would be awsome! i wondered why they made zed and goldar but not rita! she was the original villianous of the show.

    however, today i finally picked up the alpha with zordon figure (yep, filled the zordon with water for that weird TV show effect lol!) along with the TRU 5 pack with lord zed figure. never thought we'd get alpha 5 and a freakin zordon figure! i also needed another green ranger dagger cuz i lost the other one, luckily it came with the 5 pack. im finally caught up with all the power rangers figures. i seriously never thought i'd be into these, but i really like them! im still debateing whether i will get the mega zord, but it does look cool. and i also just had to get the MMPR:the movie on dvd just because if i cant get the TV show on DVD, then the movie will have to do! i remember seeing it in theaters as a kid and being scared of ivan ooze lol now imm gonna relive it tonight haha. i feel like a kid again! cant wait for the white ranger though!

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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Keaton33
    these were shown at toyfair so im pretty sure we will see these in stores. they wouldnt go through all the trouble of making and showing off the dragonzord just to not release it.
    Sadly you'd be surprised how often this happens. Let us not forget the McFarlane line of South Park figures.
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    Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ewok_Slayer
    Is anyone else collecting this line? I bought the wal mart 5 pack just for lord zed. I've bought the individual figures for the ones not in the box set. The box set rangers suck and have 5 poa. The singles have a lot more and are better figures. Target carries the megazord and it is the coolest figure I've bought in a long time. It breaks down into 5 zords and can also turn into the tank. I'm 25 now and loves this show in 3rd grade. This is a great throwback. Now I need to watch my mmpr bootlegs.
    Singles 5.86 only 9 figures
    5 pack $15
    megazord $20
    I picked up both the Pink and Yellow Rangers as well as a Putty. thinking of trying to customize the Pink Ranger (maybe an un-helmeted version).

    had a huge crush on Amy Jo Johnson...
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