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Thread: The LEGO Thread

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    The LEGO Thread

    Just a heads up that I've seen the 2010 LEGO sets out at Target, a couple I saw were the Freeco speeder with Obi-Wan and the Talz chief and the small army builder packs. If Target is anything to go by then we're doomed as the prices have gone up!

    The small army builder packs are now $23 each and the Freeco Speeder is $50 even, big jup from the prices we've seen before. I didn't bother scanning the other sets.

    I'll be waiting for a LEGO sale.

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    Re: LEGO Thread

    Saw the little Hoth Rebel pack today at Big W for $18

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    Re: LEGO Thread

    i saw the Death Star Playset at K mart in Wagga Wagga for $450.

    if only i had the money....i'd buy it, build it and then sell it on ebay (as they are going for like $700?) crazy.
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    TOYS R US has the star wars mini worlds and figure- 2 for 10 dollars. They normally sell for 16 AUD each.

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    Do we (Australia) happen to have the Lego character's keychain? I'm not talking about the ones with the Led Lights though .. just the original size of the Lego characters but key chained.
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    20% off Star Wars lego at Target this week..
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