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Thread: Diorama-making tutorials w/pics

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    Those were fun! Thanks for sharing.

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    I think I need to start my own website...just to keep the tradition alive.
    “What’s a Star War?”

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    Cozi Form Modelling Material

    I tried using Cozi form.
    I went from not being impressed with it (not as easy to sculpt with) to liking it when I saw how hard the pieces were, (and the fact that it was air drying) to not liking it because 1] it shrinks so 2] one can't build on it.

    This is when I still liked it.

    And all the pieces fallen/broken off because it shrank.

    To get pieces to fit I had to break a lot of it and will need to fill in the gaps with modelling paste.

    I still like it for greeblies and when I want to shrink down something. It fills molds nicely.

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    New Custom Dio Buider In Need Of a Little ​“Starter” Help....
    Hey all,Ive been customizing my figures forever, but I never really tried any decent size dioramas. I’ve done mini dios, as everyone else has I sure, but I’m trying to start some larger ones. Thus, I have a few “starter” questions if anyone could help me out.
    The 1st I started is Wampa’s cave... I have the basic size I want made with nice flooring piece/foamboard/styrofoam/etc.
    —My first question is what’s the best to make ice(like hanging down from ceiling, on fools, et a)l?
    —Also, for this and future dios, what’s the best sculpting materials(s) to sculpt large items/areas/things (& where to find them)?
    —Finally, if this works out well, I’d like to make a Tusken Camp for Anakin to “visit”. Next question then would be (and please excuse how much of a novice I sound here), what is the best way to make Tusken tents? I’m guessing paper mache, but I’m sure there a little more to it, right?. (Lastly, and least important lol, if there is a way to “cheat” starting the tents, does anyone know of any toys out there that make tents suitable for 3.75)?

    Thank You to anyone who can help out with ANY of these. Much appreciated!

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    I haven't made icicles so someone more knowledgeable can chime in. If you scroll down a bit there are a couple of amazing Hoth dios here and they explain what they did.

    That being said, making them using a glue gun or silicon would be the way I'd go. I also know you can get icicle xmas decorations that look OK. If you want to have Luke's frozen feet removable, loosen them as the hot glue dries or if using silicon, put vasaline so the silicone doesn't adhere to the figure (use a beater figure if you want).
    There are a couple of different fake snow one can buy. Some are mat-white but others are incandescent.

    It is hard to answer your second question with some more details. Wood is more durable but harder to cut (if you don't have the tools). Styrofoam/wall insulation is good for most purposes. Foamboard is relatively cheap and easy to use but might warp over time.
    It really comes down to how much you want to spend and how good you are (or have access to) power tools.
    As to where to find them, Hobby shops, art stores and places like Home Depo are good places to look. Check out where you live.

    There are a few Tuskin dioramas here as well you can check out for inspiration/instructions. Empire sells the tents pre built. I'm sure other places might at well. Check Ebay.
    I eventually intend to build some for myself. I was going to use plaster and fabric but I haven't really looked into it.

    Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress.

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    As Utinniii mentioned, glue or silicon works for icicles. Actually I use watered down Elmers and liberal dusting of baking soda for any Hoth stuff. Baking soda is cheap and gives a great snow effect. Most of the frozen landscapes in Empire like the wampa cave are snow caked rather than icey-clear too.
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