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Thread: Killeen, Texas, Finds "3"

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    Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    Okay, I went out to Wally World here in Killeen, managed to score two new figures.

    Concept IG88 and Jeremoch Colton, along with a Stormtrooper and a couple of other figures.

    TRU had the shelves stocked but they didn't have any new figures, older waves, lots of stuff though.

    HH Wally was still not stocked as of Saturday.

    Still looking for the Concept Ki-Ai Mundi and others...

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    Okay so I went to Kmart, talk about not finding things, they were picked over pretty good. I am hoping that they have more up by Friday.

    15 SW figures on sale, that was it, they had the four pack Clone Wars figures, for $26, not too bad for the price, but then they had a EVO Padame for $20...that is only $8 cheaper then what they had it for two weeks ago. No vehicles were on sale, but they did have a lot of them.

    I picked up some Neo-Vipers, a coat of paint and I have some new troopers for use as I need them.

    They also had a mix of the comic two packs, managed to get a second Imp. Knight and Darth Krayth.

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    allright...a new thread for K-Town !

    I saw more of the Concept IG-88 wave at Killeen Wal-Mart today, plenty of each figure.

    Target had some other figures, but the cards were bent on a lot of concept Ki-Adi though


    KMart, not much still.....wanted to take advanatge of their sale, but nothing really good there either

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    Okay so I braved the crowds this morning for the Black Friday event:


    Had stuff, but nothing new. Pretty picked over by the time I got to it at 630AM. Which kind of surprised me since they had nothing special going for the SW stuff there.

    While the AT-TE was on sale by a lot, $50. I passed, I just don't have any place to put it. They didn't have much out at midnight and things still looked as normal empty shelves.

    Walmart, yay, that was a mess. No one was fun to be around in the Killeen Wally world today and the HH one had some stuff out, but it was lot of older repacks. Some being new on the shelves but not new as in new to get. Didn't make it to Cove.

    Kmart, that place was a joke for SW Stuff. Their idea of a sale, let's take $4 off the Clone Trooper 4 pack and yay vehicles are $10 off, but we only have older vehicles. They didn't even bother to restock the figures at all this week. When I nicely asked one of the clerks to please see if they had anything in the back, they walked off and never came back. And Sears kept the Killeen Kmart open why?

    Hastings had a couple of SW things, but again their prices are a big turn off on wanting to buy from there.

    So I am hoping that some new stuff shows up in the next two weeks or so..

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    saw the Concept Ki Adi at Target late Friday night Karagin

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    Crap...okay will check out there later today.


    Went out to Target, found one of the Ki's, two of the Cantina aliens, the Jawa with droid and the Scanner Tech guy.

    Not to bad. Overall it was a good run. Wish Wally World would get some of the new stuff out there on the shelves. They didn't have anything new.


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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    ESB wave is out - found remnants at Killeen & 'Cove Wally.

    AND.......the figs are $6.00 at all Wallys now!!!

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    Would love to score the Concept Snowtrooper. HEB has a Buy 1 get 1 Free sale on all Star Wars figures. Found matchstick at the Killeen HEB last night, not many figures to choose from.

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    Okay so I went by TRU in Killeen...what a waste of time. Picked over to the extreme. They have the repainted V-Wings, but they want $35 for them, so I passed.

    Their figures area was a mess. Nothing new and mostly pegwarmmers. All of which happen to be Jedi.

    They did have a two pack of Anakin and R2, but again I have enough of those two figures to last a life time.

    Comic Two packs were a bust, they had the same ones they have had for the last three months.

    Really sad.

    They did have a cool Galactic Heroes set, it had the Force Ghost of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda, then Luke, Han, Leia, Chewy and an Ewok with a pretty good cardboard insert of the Ewok village.

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    Re: Killeen, Texas, Finds \"3\"

    TRU has the Concept KiAdi Mundi wave today

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