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Thread: Wattographs New CS piece!!!! Jabba!!

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    I would be shocked if we ever get these, so appraising them seems kind of pointless unless it's to know how much you've been cheated out of. What threw me was all of the details included in the description (e.g. "No COA" "Stuart Freeborn signed 'S. Freeborn in cursive'"). These details seem odd if you're just asking in general how much the piece might be worth, no?

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    Does anyone know anything new about what happened to this?

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    Basically we all got screwed, as far as I can tell. And to top it off, it looks like at least some of the signed pieces have been making their way onto the secondary market. There was one piece that was sold on eBay just recently that definitely appears to be from this group.

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    I wish someone could get a group lawsuit against these people. They are criminals and should be treated like criminals.
    Oh maaaan that was my dinner.
    No,No,No this suckers electrical.

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