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Thread: Sketch Cards Acquired

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    Sketch Cards Acquired

    So now that it's over I'd seriously love to see some of the sketch cards people got from the artists.

    I will upload mine later but if you guys want to scan them or take pics and upload those that would be so cool (latter is probably best haha).

    I've seen some amazing amazing cards (looking at you Eric, with your Mace Windu from Gabriel Hernandez) so I seriously would love to see some of the other stuff going on with those sketch cards.

    EDIT: Would love to hear a story or something if you got one, or maybe like state whether you got it 'commission' or 'trade-in' and/or had to / did pay for a color upgrade or any sort of upgrade

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    I got about a dozen cards, for a nine card display. A couple of the artists I had planned to get couldn't do them until after the con, so I had to do some arranging. Specifically the Tom Hodges on the middle right is a place holder for a Joe Corroney card I'm getting soon. I'm also getting a Katie Cook in the mail. Once I get those two, I'll have two displays, the nine card realistic art frame and then a 3 card cartoony frame from the artists for the Clone Wars web strip. Since this was the 10th anniversary of TPM, I had all the cards be of Padme in her Episode 1 Maroon Naboo Battle Dress.

    Here are the cards:

    To Ani, Han, and Jag, the luckiest men in the Galaxy

    Always looking to buy rare, unique, and interesting Padme stuff. PM me.

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    Awesome man

    I'd love to see the new update when you get it all nailed up or framed after getting the Joe Corroney and Katie Cook.

    Love the Padme angle for the TPM 10 year thing. I can't believe I didn't think of doing something special to commemorate the 10 years of TPM.

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    You beat me to this post. I was able to get quite a few at this show. The last 3 Fan Days I have been working on a "Jabba Creature Theme", so I added quite a few for that one. But some cards were just so awesome I had to get others. I also blind pulled one of Randy Martinez's special cards.
    The Vader one in the lower right in this shot is just awesome, it was a trade in by Walks. I love the Rancor Keeper in this group, I think it might be my favorite: Spencer did the two Jabba dancers, completing my set of girls
    Some amaxing talent at the show. I also got 4 new pics done in my sketch book by Martinez, Hodges, Chung, and Filoni.
    C. Perry

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    I put this in the other thread first but will add it here too:

    Here are four of my FD3 cards: (The fifth one is blueline and will not scan. )

    here is one from last year I picked up on Saturday as I love the ANH Vaders.

    Finally here is one of my Walks pieces:

    This one is the B&W under image to a larger color painting. It will not fit on my scanner so I will have to add photos later. I also have a large pieces by Kevin Graham & Cat Staggs that I will need to share.
    ~~I find your lack of faith disturbing~~

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired


    Those are very nice I think my favorites of the five are the third one and large one =]

    @Cperry: Nice collection of cards you got there man

    I really like the rancor keeper just since it's an inventive char. I've not yet seen drawn (not to mention the fact that it's well drawn)

    Keep 'em coming people! I'll get my 5 up soon(tm) (technical issues).

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    Vader: who did the Vader in the chair? I really like that one.

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    3 by Michael Duron, and 2 by Grant Gould

    Randy Martinez, 2 by Katie Cook, Denise Vasquez, and 2 by Jessica Hickman

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    And here are a few Sketchbook sketches.

    Jessica Hickman - Leia

    Grant Gould - Padme & Cad Bane

    Katie Cook mini-paintings

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    Re: Sketch Cards Acquired

    Quote Originally Posted by Thistledown
    3 by Michael Duron, and 2 by Grant Gould

    Randy Martinez, 2 by Katie Cook, Denise Vasquez, and 2 by Jessica Hickman

    Man, I LOVE that Jabba with Crumb. I did not go to that artist, cool stuff.
    C. Perry

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