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Thread: Childhood Star Wars Picture Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broke View Post
    The Millennium Falcon New in the box. DON'T OPEN IT KID

    He opened it:

    I forgot about this Tauntaun I had. You can barely make out the box in the pile:

    What, no wrapping paper ! Or are these pics the clean version after the paper mess. I love seeing old days photos. I spy the Chips toys. Very cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashy_Larry View Post
    cool idea. I was looking for some kind of clue that dates this photo as current. The only thing that jumps out is the quality of the photo itself, otherwise nothing really jumps out as obviously "modern" aside from the non-shag orange or green carpet, the leather chair maybe?
    The blinds date the photos for me. Weren't a thing back then. For a second, I was like, whoa, someone hit the mother load for Christmas.

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    Things I really do miss about the good old 1980s

    the zenith tvs
    the wood paneling on the walls in living rooms

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    Christmas 1978. That's me with the Batman PJs, lol. Sears Cantina in the foreground.

    My brother Terry in the 2nd picture. He passed away 22 years ago. I purchased his mostly unopened SW collection in the late 1980's and his Sears Cantina is on display nearby right now.

    I've been wanting to post these pictures for a very long time. My Mom passed away in December 2018 and my Dad passed away in June of this year. I might have some more SW related Christmas pictures, but they haven't been found yet.

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