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Thread: Ewok Multipack

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    The Endor pilot packs often got discounted, too... but, at least at my local TRU, they didn't show up in-store much when they were actually first released. It wasn't until a few months later they appeared regularly enough to sit for long periods and see the odd sale. But I'm not gonna gamble on that happening with the Ewok set, or even the Yavin pilots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toonimator View Post
    Most of them, if you put on the non-EU hoods for Tippet and Kneesaa. They basically become 'background Ewoks'. Maybe not easily-identifiable, but you can pretend. Kneesaa's alt-hood looks like one of the looser hoods some Ewoks wear in at least a few scenes... (note: the packaged shot accurately, I think, displays the alt-hoods with the appropriate Ewok; the loose white-BG shots have 'em all mixed up)

    Or, to put it another way, Kneesaa and Tippet are the only 'EU' ones. But only really when in their pink hood/cape and bone helmet.

    I really like that Flitchee's alt-hood matches the E-11 Cheering scene, with the feather sticking up! Odd that they packed him in the other one. (if anyone's still wondering about his blaster, I think it's just bad editing of the white-BG photo making it look super-skinny... in-package, tho it's a downshot of the blaster, it looks perfectly normal for an E-11).
    Thank for the borough answer Toon, much appreciated!!!
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    I am kinda let down by the straight Logray repaint on Teebo, I just think his face is more rat like than Logray, still a wonderful set!

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    Teebo does have a really distinct face (ugly, too, for a species accused by fans of being nothing more than cute teddy-bear people), but I don't mind too much. The paint error bugs me more than him just being a repainted Teebo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtieDuty View Post
    Teebo's stripes are all messed up, other than that this pack looks great. It's not TVC and I might still get it...
    Maybe the waist is on backwards or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksmasher View Post
    Maybe the waist is on backwards or something.
    I hadn't thought of that but it could be. They had Evazan's holster strap flipped in the prerelease photos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksmasher View Post
    Maybe the waist is on backwards or something.
    Very good. I thought this the first time I saw it but couldn't be bothered to say.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    Not crazy about the price point...but I know more price hikes are inevitable right now.

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    If this set will be really hard to find I'll just look for a separate Teebo with as many of his accessories as I can find. He's the only Ewok left I'm looking for; the rest of the set isn't that appealing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksmasher View Post
    Maybe the waist is on backwards or something.
    Its not.
    I thought of that. Have a look at the back of the Logray figure from the Photo Archive.
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