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Thread: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

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    Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    Post any and all limelights pertaining to original Star Wars art: from animation, to comic art, packaging, video games, greeting cards and more! If it's SW and original art, post it here!

    Being that we don't all have the luxury of being able to frame our art but want to show it off nonetheless, this will be a perfect companion thread for the Framing Limelight Thread.
    Shane Turgeon
    Author: The Force in the Flesh

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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    Time to post some original Star Wars animation art.

    First up is a cel from the Kenner preschool line television commerical. Those of you with Chris G's awesome DVD can see this at the very end but i've also posted a comparison shot with a screen cap.

    Nxt up are two Thall cels i got and were two of the first Thall cels i'd seen come to market. The one where he's standing in front of a ship has two original backgrounds but sadly, neither match the cel or each other! The second came with what i believe is a production used background but unfortunately, it isn't original. While stoked to finally get a Thall cel for my run, i was fairly disappointed with both of these...thankfully i got a better one shown later in the post.

    A great master cel set up of Jan Tosh with a handpainted background and foreground (foreground affixed to an acetate cel layer).

    Next up is a gorgeous master cel set-up featuring Sise Fromm. It's a 4 layer cel with original matching background and i even landed two different layouts for it (not shown).

    And what would a great Sise cel be without a Tig to go with? This is another 4 layer master cel set-up with a handpainted background.

    This is one of the most elaborate set ups i have ever come across and one of my favourite cels in my collection. It's a 6 layer master cel set-up featuring Jord and 3P0. The background is a matching original and there's a handpainted foreground piece affixed to an acetate cel as well. It's totally amazing to see.

    Lastly, the Thall cel i always wanted. I passed on this several years ago as the price was staggering and finally, many years and two different sellers later it ended up on eBay and i managed to get it for a fraction of the original asking price. It's only a one layer cel but it is a master cel set up and has a matching background. It actually is the scene that takes place directly before the cel above where Jord is holding Thall up.

    As i've stated many times over, finding any cels from the first 8 episodes of Droids is pretty difficult to i consider myself very fortunate to have been able to get as many master cel set-ups from the first 8 as i have.

    I have a large collection of original Ewoks preproduction art, including the original model sheet drawings of Morag, i hope to be able to post up one of these days. Might make for a fun feature on the Archive.
    Shane Turgeon
    Author: The Force in the Flesh

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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    I have 2 of these production Droids cells in sequence, and they are now framed
    Mike SCARDS22

    SCARDS22: Saving beaters from AFA "U HELL", one at a time!

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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    I don't really have anything as nice (or as complete) as Shane does above, but I have a few odds and ends that I'll contribute. Some miscellaneous animation cels that were sent to me as a "bonus" in a deal that I had. The one is obviously from the Ewoks cartoon. The other two...I assume are also from the Ewoks cartoon, but I couldn't really tell. If anyone can tell me, I would be completely impressed. Regardless, they're kind of cool to have.

    I thought this one was particularly nice as it has the animation cel and the original drawing underneath.

    And two pieces that I bought from a fellow Rebelscum forum member, for obvious reasons. These also have the original drawing underneath, and the one has what appear to be notes written on it in blue pencil. (if anyone can translate, you get bonus points).

    I do have another animation cel from the Droids cartoon that is a couple of layers with a background, but that is currently packed in one of my multiple boxes of stuff. As soon as I find it, I will post a pic.

    And, not animation related or vintage, but a sketch that Star Wars artist Dave Dorman did for me last year.

    who is interested in any Stormtrooper animation artwork that shows up.
    Always looking for stormtrooper items-bootlegs, pre production, moc, foreign, etc
    "In any other town they'd be the bad guys..."

    Never confuse movement with action.
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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    I have several Ewoks and 1 Droids animation cell. I just saw a lot of them are not in my webshots, so here is just the nicest one for now.

    Droids - Gaff - Torso (I don't like the full figure):

    Recently there were some Droids sketches on the Bay. I hope the seller also has some Ewoks ones to post.


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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    Wow, Shane! Those are some seriously nice pieces you have there. They look superb.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the contributions.
    Currently looking for Rebel Soldier, Nien Nunb, General Madine, Romba & Squid Head prototypes/pre-production items (Figural or Packaging)

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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    Great thread ideas, Shane! Your pieces of DROIDS related art is truly amazing, seeing cels togheter with the original backgrounds takes it to a completely new level. Thanks for sharing


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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    Well, this is as good a place as I can think of to post my storyboard:

    "This post does not seem to be relevant to reality therefore I am closing it." - Mike Mensinger

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    Re: Star Wars Original Art Limelight Thread

    Here are a few of my Droids/Ewoks cels

    Admiral Screed


    Bondo with original drawing

    Teebo with original drawing

    Grass Trekker with original drawing

    Dr. Raygar with original drawing
    Looking for Takara and other vintage Japanese SW items.

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