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Thread: AgentClaret trade reports

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    Re: AgentClaret trade reports

    Great person to deal with! Thank you

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    Re: AgentClaret trade reports

    Just finished a trade deal with AgentClaret, everything went perfectly smooth. Trust this scummer!!


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    Re: AgentClaret trade reports

    Just completed a transaction with AgentClaret - went great! Would be happy to have more deals with him.

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    Re: AgentClaret trade reports

    Got a quick payment from Casey for a Predator figure - thanks!

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    Re: AgentClaret trade reports

    Completed a trade with Casey today, he's the man. Insanely good communication and promptness of shipping. Highly recommend!

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    Just finished a sale to AgentClaret, excellent scummer! Thanks again!
    "The Wookie has no pants."

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    Just completed my first transaction with AgentClaret (well... his portion... my part of the deal is still in transit to him). He's great to deal with. He made a quick payment and had excellent communication.

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    Great trade, thanks so much. A+ fellow Rebelscum board member.

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    Made a successful trade.

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    Great guy to deal with. Thank you for an easy transaction!

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