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Thread: Giran - BD21

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    Re: Jabba\'s Palace Klaatu - ROTJ Wave

    Looks great, its awesome to see Jabba's palace get some attention. Now if they'd just unveil a new jabba.

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    Re: Jabba\'s Palace Klaatu - ROTJ Wave

    The more I see this figure, the more I like it; this might be my favorite of the wave.
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    Re: Jabba\'s Palace Klaatu - ROTJ Wave

    Yep, he looks great. This is shaping up to be a very solid wave.

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    Re: Giran - ROTJ Wave

    Well, it may not be the classic Kenner "Klaatu" (now called "Wooof" by some), but I'm glad to see Giran. I just hope he's got the arm artic to comfort his buddy when the Rancor bites it.

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    Re: Giran - ROTJ Wave

    Giran looks good, but I no longer collect Jabba's Palace denizens and will thus pass.

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    Re: Giran - ROTJ Wave

    Yeah, I will definately pick up Giran. I hope they get to the Skiffmaster Weequay someday. Well that and the POTF2 Weequay resculpt.
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    Re: Giran - ROTJ Wave

    Good for those who want to do some customizing.

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    Re: Giran - ROTJ Wave

    This dude is super cool looking! I gotta have one! My sarlaac will love him!

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    Re: Giran - ROTJ Wave

    Again another good looking figure but not something I really need. I guess this one is saving me money while other collectors get something they really wanted. Its a win-win situation .
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    Re: Jabba\'s Palace Klaatu - ROTJ Wave

    Quote Originally Posted by Blight
    YESSS!!! YESSS!! The more palace aliens the happier I'll be. Fantastic choice, fantastic looking figure
    Agreed! Absolutely FAN-TASTIC job with this guy.
    It's just remarkable what Hasbro can achieve when they pull their finger out for a change.

    Giran is definitely on my most wanted list!
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