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Thread: Real Vader, bootleg or fake

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    Real Vader, bootleg or fake

    Hi everyone, love the advice on here! Which is why I turn to you the pro's to help me out with this. I grew up LOVING Star Wars! I had soooooo many action figures when I was a kid it makes me sick now that some are so valuable and collectable again, and mine are all gone. Like many of you I'm sure, I was told to sell them at family garage sales for 10 cent a piece! God I kick myself. Well I am in my 40's now and decided to "relive" my childhood by collecting these little relics again. I have a 10 year old son now who also loves Star Wars so he loves helping me find new ones and complete our collection. Anyway, enough about me, so recently I bought another Darth Vader from an online source. When I received it I noticed immediately upon opening it that it just didn't look right. I have 2 other vintage vaders so I had something to compare to. This newest addition looked VERY glossy!! Honestly, like it was molded yesterday! Ironically I know what that looks like as I am a plastics process engineer for going on 20 years now, lol. My other vaders have duller, dingier blacks to their suit, and definitely look played with. This new one does not. In fact it has tiny bits of "flash" around the parting line of the molding surface, for example around the seam, and even the boots. I cant believe that after 40 years this would remain without being worn off or dulled! The seller of course claimed the figure is completely original including the cape and the saber!! I already know the cape is fake, no way that is real in that condition, and the saber failed the float test! So with those lies, did he also fake the figure itself??! I am by NO means collecting mint figures, just want a presentable piece of each figure or so. But I don't want to display a fake or know that I got ripped! I admit one maybe sketchy thing was the seller was from Puerto Rico, and the figure was only $12 plus shipping. I know too good to be true right? The figure displays a cG.M.F.G.I 1977 Hong Kong Coo, which looks legit to me, but again I know little compared to you guys. I notice there are slight variations on details as well, like his belt has slightly different buttons, also his "control" box on his chest. But also look how nice the paint is on these things! Too nice!! For all the pics, the Vader in question is on the right of the screen, the other is an older figure of mine. Also, and hard to see in the pics, but the questionable ones head seems to be possibly attached differently than the other! I can easily pull on it or bend it to one side and its as if its ball attached head with more stretch to the neck? And thusly the head doesn't sit straight/level. One more thing is the questionable figures plastic seems LESS pliable and bendable, i.e his legs and arms. And if you can see from pics the questionable figure, again on right, HIS left boot (boot farthest to right on screen) is thicker than other, and has what looks like a "short shot" to the tip? Ok, ANY help you guys can give to clear this up for me would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry, I see now I cant post pics yet, not sure if you can help without pics

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    The Pictures sure would help. Send them to one of the Mods and maybe they will post them,

    P.S. I have Many Right off the Card Vintage Vaders that I purchased new with still mint Shiny capes and plastic, so they are out there.

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    Thanks for the reply DarthMickeyMoose, how do I send the pics to one of the "mods"? I cant find any other way to post them. Why is it I'm not able to post pics to my thread anyway? I tried sending you a private message but it wont let me attach on there either. I'd really like you guys to see the photos to see if you can help further. Sorry for being new to this, lol.

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    Go down to the bottom right I think of any Page and hit the Contact button. Let them know what you need. I haven't posted pics here in a long time but you use to need a Picture host. But Like I said if you can send them to a mod he should be able to post them to your thread. Good Luck.

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