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Thread: Community Watch For Bad Traders

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    I had the exact same issue happening to me with member Rgh001, said to go by the name of Robert Hamess III

    Do not trust this person. He asked for pictures of an item, made me pack the item and drive to with the parcel to the Post Office to get him exact quotes. After all this he then asked for my Paypal e-mail address and said to be sending payment the next day. Confirmed over and over he was buying the item from me, only to vanish without a word and then posting in his WTB thread he had already found the item. This guy has no integrity nor ethics as a collectors and much less as a person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roberttimbers View Post
    Frankly I feel as though I have to jump in here and defendmyself. A page of comments for someone who hasn't been active for 2 years is, imo, embarrassing on yourself.

    I'm not sure what I've done to you personally, but please feel free to contact me. Yes there was a time I enjoyed making a little money on the side and that may not have sat well with you, but that was 2 years ago. Now let's put an enthuses on 2 years. Smearing me after 2 years I downright unfair.

    As a buyer and seller I am not someone who has ripped anyone off or has taken someone's money and run off, so to class me as a badbuyer/seller is unjust.

    I would also appreciate it if you could keep this thread within the correct guidelines. Rather than smear my name after a 2 year absence, try and keep this thread to the point. Let's look at the last two most important points made by The_Jedi_Master & Turbowars, someone didn't get paid and another nearly got ripped off by $700! Now let's put this into perspective for a second, although what I "used to do" didn't sit well with you or wasn't within your ethical guidelines, I never did anything wrong and I offered sellers quick easy sales.

    disgruntledjawa I can't remember our deal together, but I'll be honest, I always factor in the sellers willingness to ship to the UK and I'm usually happy to accept some responsibility for the way the items arrive, as shocking as that may sound to you. Sometimes it's more effort to pursue a claim than its worth.

    I think it's unfair after two years to randomly bring my name with no real just cause. A lot can happen in 2 years.

    And Kev, I was nothing but nice to you. So please don't jumpon the band wagon here and have some integrity.
    Look, I didn't start this discussion about you but I certainly agree with every sentiment anyone has said. You say there's nothing wrong with making a little money on the side and you always gave the seller quick easy sales. Well actually that depends! Did the seller give you deals thinking the items were helping you with your collection or going straight on ebay? I think its more of a moral conundrum. And that to me means that its imperative that forum members know exactly what type of transaction they're getting into with you. They can then make an informed judgement call.

    As for Kev, I have dealt with Kev a few times and have nothing but the utmost respect for him and don't think his integrity is in question. I'm sure anytime you were nice to him there was a nice profit tagged onto the end of it.

    So let me sum up.......................................I don't trust or like what you do or did! But I'm sure you wont lose any sleep over it.
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    Thank you Bhoy, definitely no band wagon jumping on my part..., I appreciate that there's a choice to be made from any potential buyer & have no desire to deal with roberttimbers, not that there's anything I'm really looking for now-a-days BUT I see no reason to say anything nice about scalpers who get things cheap from collectors who genuinely think they are helping a fellow collector when in reality they only want to sell the items on for a larger profit.
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    It’s been over 2 years folks, but...

    Beware of ‘bobasweat’.

    Bought a Maul efx lightsaber from him. Item was apparently shipped and I was given a tracking code. Having waited a few weeks I checked the tracking to see it had been delivered to a completely different address. I rang up the delivery company to double check this, to which they confirmed it wasn’t a tracking number for my address.

    Having told bobasweat I was given the wrong tracking, he fed me a story that my package infact never left the post office because he didn’t sign the customs paperwork. Fair enough, although doesn’t explain how he gave me the wrong tracking. But anyways, I believed him, and he gave me a new tracking number to which he also added to my PayPal payment.

    Time went on, I checked the tracking and it had been delivered and signed for... to a completely different address AGAIN. Called the delivery company and confirmed I had once again been given the wrong tracking number, and it was indeed delivered to a completely different address.

    I called PayPal and explained the situation and they opened a dispute on the phone for me there and then, and a few days later approved a full refund.

    The worrying thing here is what was he trying to do with adding the tracking to the payment? Adding it to PayPal gives the impression of trying to dupe PayPal into thinking the item was delivered if I were to raise a claim. Sneaky! But fortunately this was a failed attempt.

    Now, I’ve spent over a month dealing with lies, and calling up delivery companies and PayPal, and getting absolutely no response from the seller. It’s unfortunate that there are dishonest people on the forum still, so just be warned if dealing with this seller.

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    This individual is not a serious trader/buyer. He made me pack a mini bust and drive to the post office for exact shipping quotes. We had previously agreed on a given amount for the mini bust plus shipping. I asked him if he was still interested to what he reply (I have the message saved):

    "hi i definitly am keen on this. my postage adress is XXXXXXX

    im happy to see a variety of shipping options"

    So I went ahead, packed the item, wasted time and gas going to the Post Office to get him exact shipping quotes, came back home, sent him all pertaining information and provided him with my Paypal address. He did not reply for more than three days, although he had read my message with the shipping quotes I sent him within a couple of hours after getting my message to him. When he finally replied he said it was too much money to pay for shipping, because he had bought some action figures and it hadn't been that much, and that he was going to pass. How much was he expecting to pay for an item shipped from Florida to the other side of the world, Australia, where he lives? I gave him exact shipping quotes obtained from the Post Office, being $65.00 the cheapest way to go through USPS. Keep in mind I offered him the McQuarrie mini bust of Han Solo for below retail price, and I went through the trouble of packing it well, to assure he would receive it in great shape. To sum it all up, do not trust this person. I'm leaving negative feedback for him as per my sales policy, clearly specified at the top of my sales page;

    Warning: I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone with zero feedback, zero posts and/or just signed up to send PMs about wanting to buy an item. I apologize if this hurts honest buyers, but it has come to my attention there are a few less than welcoming people having too much time on their hands who like to play hide and seek games. Furthermore, retracting from a deal at the last minute, after agreeing to purchase an item, and asking to have it packed and taken to the post office for shipping fees, will result in negative feedback left in the Bad Traders thread. If trading an item for an item and you have zero feedback, you get to ship your item first. With all this in mind, let's play nice and enjoy a hassle-free transaction. Thank you for your understanding.
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    wow. not the full story here everyone.

    First of all yes i did say i was keen. this doesnt mean that i was sold on the item so lets clear that up here.

    secondly, i dont know how i could "make" someone go to the post office. i would have been happy to get a quotation from online. if Natalie went to the post office of her own free will, then that great but under no circumstances did i make her go.

    thirdly, as a consumer if i am not happy with a price i have a right to say im not interested which is what i did.

    i appreciate the fact that natalie went to the effort to get me the best price available but it was too high. simple as that. now natalie is being a ^$&# because she didnt get her way. if anything i should be putting in negative feedback about her but im happy to leave it here cause im the bigger person here who doesnt need to have a complain cause i didnt get my own way.

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