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Thread: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

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    Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Hi guyz, I'd like to share with you all an incredible find about a real-TRILOGO boxed Y-WING Fighter

    Don't get wrong, this is not the usual Bilogo release (often called Trilogo because it has the spanish/french + english sides); this one has the REAL CASCADED LOGOs!

    I was really thrilled when I saw it as this item was not even supposed to exists; at least it's the first to surface.

    It looks to be a very late release like most of the very rare Trilogo items (ie. X-Wing Fighter) and unlike the minirigs this one comes from UK (made in U.K.), it was bought in Ireland circa 1990.

    Once back home, I grabbed my Bilogo Y-Wing box to compare and I realized that even if the picture looks like the standars Kenner/bilogo version, it's a totally NEW picture, they just tried to capture the same angle;

    If you have a Kenner or Bilogo box in your collection, you'll also notice that illustration pictures on the sides are also different.

    As you can see on the boxes, and the close-up below (BILOGO on the left, TRILOGO on the right), the Trilogo picture is shot in a wider angle, and even if they looks the same, the Y-Wing and the figures are different (Lando is the teeth version, and Madine doesn't carry his staff at hand).

    The Bilogo box had been designed from the Kenner box (look at the red circled area where the Kenner logo was airbrushed), while the Trilogo box is an "original" picture.

    Finally, a picture of the "flap side" of the boxes, the Trilogo version is very similar to the other Trilogo boxes (ie. Ewok village, B-Wing, X-Wing...) with the white "made in UK" circle and the same very sturdy cardboard.

    I'm still amazed by the recent finds we made in a year: bilogo DV Tie, bilogo spanish side X-Wing Fighter and Scout Walker; and now this new Trilogo find... what's still out there waiting to be found??? perhaps an AT-AT some day???

    ENJOY !


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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Very nice, Stephane!

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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    awesome find, awesome pics!
    Dustin Roberts
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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Fantastic, that is a great find! Even more impressive is the condition, it looks really nice. For something so uncommon, it is remarkable that it was so well taken care of.
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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Unbelievable. Congrats to this fantastic find..

    It´s really crazy so many never seen before European stuff is out their.

    Years ago I hear rumours about an real Tri Logo AT AT and an PDT-8 so we will see what the future will show us...

    Congrats again

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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Nice find!

    Some of the stickers are also different (from what I can see). The trilogo one might be a prodcution version on the picture, while the Kenner/Bilogo one is a prototype (FS).


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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Wow, you rule Stéphane. Time to update your book!

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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    By the way, how did you find it?

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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Great find. I actually prefer the image used in the trilogo box, much lighter and cleaner.
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    Re: Incredible FIND: TRILOGO Y-WING Fighter

    Awesome find! It's amazing that stuff still surfaces after so many years! Congrats!

    WTB: Spanish PBP Retorno del Jedi Luke Jedi, Boba Fett and Luke X-Wing. Paying top prices. Any condition!

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