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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    The very affable Irishtrekkie was able to interview Ben over the weekend and did a great job, loads of new data extracted. If you get a chance, check out the vid on YT:
    In case you don't, here's a rundown:

    -T'Plana Hath will be a Special
    -not considering doing XLs or Specials as reg. sized
    -considering doing pre-orders before production for more obscure XL ships beyond the 22 planned
    -Titan is publishing Dan Curry book co-authored by Ben
    -Voyager: A Celebration (EM) book is a "convention in a book", packed with the best anecdotes and stories from the cast and crew
    -Discovery starships book features new Bryan Fuller interviews where he speaks about his plans/design rationale for the series, all-new material not in mags
    -STO starship collection will likely launch after Q1 2020
    -Orville starships will launch with a small wave first, then more ships after a pause (if the first ones sell); Orville (ship) will be in XL and reg. scales, main collection is reg. STSS sized
    -Big Ent-D partwork will re-launch about a year from now with a re-tooled model, they're still working on refinements
    -John and Colin from EM work on the STSS collection under Ben's aegis
    -Marcus Riley and Mark Wright write most of the STSS mags now
    -JJ background ships are coming but were slowed because Paramount doesn't have CG assets so they are being recreated
    -EM wants to revisit the JJ Ent-A to see if the producers have changed their minds and will let them do it; producers weren't sure the ship would look like that in the next film so they initially declined
    -Vertical Romulan Warbird concept is coming, just waiting for final revisions from Andy Probert (who insisted on finishing the design the way he had intended it to look) for Fabio to finish the model
    -Planet of Titans designs still not approved as ownership of Ken Adam's designs has not been legally established in full
    -Franz Joseph designs are still on hold, legal issues still pending, complicated by book re-publishing discussions
    -2 space stations are in production now (we already knew Regula I and the DSC Fed. station are coming, though)
    -"Every single ship seen in Discovery" is on the drawing board, possibly including 7(!) Section 31 ships (2 2-nacelled versions [small and big], 2 4-nacelled versions [small and big], "carrier" ship, stealth ship, shuttle)
    -S'ona Collector on the way
    -Think Tank CG mesh is missing but they're re-doing it
    -Battle-damaged ships not planned, Ben doesn't think they can do it well at that pricepoint
    -large Borg cube still being worked on
    -Ben is extremely appreciative of the support from the community, loves working on this stuff

    -166 is Tamarian ship (from Entertainment Earth, no pic)

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    Thanks for posting that update DD!

    Great to hear Kelvin timeline fed starships are still in the pipe, so to speak hoping also that the Ent-A also ‘comes out of Warp limbo’ and arrives in EMs collection!

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    Thanks DD for the update. Superb! I love the idea of so many lines to pick and choose from
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Excellent updates there from Ben Robinson!

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    New shots from Diamond with the Tamarian, Karemma, Shuttle set 6, Hiawatha (again) and the XL DS9 (8" dia):

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    Wow, I had no idea the Hawking Type-6 Shuttle existed until now!

    So by my reckoning, there are now just 3 pre-Discovery Prime canon Starfleet shuttles left after this set:

    1. Orbital Inspection Pod (ENT: "Broken Bow")
    2. Shuttlepod 1 Refit (ENT: "Awakening")
    3. Admiral Janeway's SC-4 (no armor) (VOY: "Endgame")

    Is there a 4th Starfleet shuttle I'm forgetting that would complete a 7th Shuttle set?
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    Wow, those are some great looking ships. The shuttles are the stand out for me. Lords, but I am so far behind on these. Gonna have to do a huge catch-up soon.

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    Wowsers! I haven't purchased the Shuttlecraft Series 5 yet, and they are showing Series 6!

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