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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    +1 on the livery. I was looking at the Clarke the other day, and was not impressed. It's not quite as flat as above, but despite the decent aztecing it was still pretty bland for a $50+ item. I wish I could say I was a completitst.

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    My shuttle pack 5 came today. I'm a sucker for shuttles. Have wanted the type 5 for so long

    Type 8

    Type 5 Galileo


    Space Dock shuttle

    Some more pics on my instagram page if anyone is interested

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    Great pictures, Squidge. Thank you! Now it bothers me how inaccurate my MM Spacedock Shuttle is! Ignorance was bliss!

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    Indeed, fantastic pics, Squidge. They look amazing, and the comparisons are extremely helpful! Can't wait to get that set!

    Picked up the Hallmark Ent Refit: sculpting and lighting are very cool but it could use aztecing, lights in the saucer, and more paint apps on the details. Still, it's worthwhile, in that typically overpriced Hallmark way, IMHO.

    Gotta say I'm extremely stoked for these upcoming concept bonus editions, debuting at SDCC: Jefferies' TOS shuttle and Phase II shuttle designs. Kewl!

    I'm also ecstatic to report that a friend found and sent me the DeAgostini Borg cube as a surprise gift! OMFG, I am still gobsmacked, thunderstruck, flabbergasted! Obviously, I am a very, very lucky fella with the best friends on the planet! I mean, how nice is that? I was jumping around the house like a babbling fool after I opened the mystery box! Never expected to get this Holy Grail! Woohoo!

    Lighting's super-bright and the sculpting is lovely, it's definitely the best cube in my collection. Size-wise, it's the same footprint as Hallmark's Death Star ornie (smaller one) or Wizkids' Xindi Sphere, perfect for my Goldilocks criteria. I'll take pics, if anyone wants to see it next to something.

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    That Jefferies TOS shuttle is cool. The Phase 2 not so much. I love the "edges of the TOS universe" designs for the Federation. The Bonaventure is my favorite one they've done I think.

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    Really liking the shuttle set, though the Airtram seams to be the ho-hum of the bunch.

    The Concepts are cool, almost like they could have been on the animated series.

    Thanks for sharing guys.

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    That's funny. To me the Airtram is the highlight of the bunch.

    Loving the concept ships. The Phase II design doesn't resonate with me, but it is really cool to see Matt Jefferies' classic shuttle concept see light like this. It's so cool that Eaglemoss os going so deep. What a thrill this line has been.

    Hoping we get the Concept Pegasus, Holo Ship, and Defiant, eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendStrone View Post
    Hoping we get the Concept Pegasus, Holo Ship, and Defiant, eventually.
    I completely forgot about the Concept Pegasus! That would be an excellent addition to the Wolf 359 TNG kitbashes.
    Oh no my friend! This is a mistake! A terrible mistake! They've gone too far! This is madness!!!
    - A series of Star Wars parodies

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    SDCC "First Look" Items shown in the recent EM USA email solicitation. 10% Off (meh) at their booth #4337.

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