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Thread: Star Trek Titanium or Micro Machine sized ships

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosski View Post
    I ordered two standard Eaglemoss Enterprise Fs from the USA store for me and a friend, and they accidentally sent me the Star Trek Online Enterprise F booklet for one of the ships. So someone out there is going to get the wrong booklet with theirs. But anyways, I paged through both books, and they have exactly the same content inside. Just different covers. I'm wondering now if I have identical booklets for the 3 different Klingon Bird of Preys I bought. Wings up flight mode, wings down flight mode, and landing mode.
    Nope, that's the only situation where they duplicated the content. All the other mags have different content, so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    I'm not sure why the pic was removed but here's a pic
    Nice score, it's a great set.

    FYI: Diamond updated earlier this morning with 158 Batris and 159 Excelsior concept II, plus a few new shots of the Devore, Scimitar and Festoon:

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    Great looking set of ships! I never realised that Excelsior concept had such a deep secondary hull, and the little pod-mounted deflector is both unique and kinda cool. Overall, I don't think the design hangs together all that well, but it's a cool bit of starship history and something I never expected we'd see as a model, so it's awesome that they're doing it. And the Scimitar! Great stuff.

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    Indeed, EM is going the distance, it's the little company that could. And did.

    A few new shots from the Festoon mag: Chargh, USS Hiawatha, Beacon of Kahless(!)... and USS T'Plana Hath is #17.

    DST has a SDCC exclusive (250 pieces) gold USS Ent-C for $60, looks like no electronics again for the con version but, uh, at least it's a new tooling, innit.
    Erm, nah. I fully get that they need to re-use moulds to turn a buck but DST and Mattel should be poked with a sharp stick for pumping out these crap gold and silver repaints, they're such a lazy pantload.

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    Did I miss DST announcing the Standard Ent-C somehow? I know that it, like the DST Reliant is all but announced but seems weird they'd have a convention variant out ahead of the official announcement of the Standard version.

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    It's nuts, but this is the ONLY way to get any sales on something as bland and nondescript as this. Who would really want this afterward? Most of the interest this will have is for being the first example.

    But, more importantly, why no electronics if a solid color??? I get transparent variants not having any like the TOS Defiant, burning 1701 refit (yuck, btw),or BOP, but here..? No real impediment.

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    Dunno for certain that there are no electronics but there's nothing in the solicit or on the box about it, so it looks like they went without, like in previous years.

    Last I heard, the standard DST Ent-C is expected in 'late 2019', Ben. Yeah, technically, this is a pre-paint.

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    Think I read that another ship will follow the C before the Reliant, due to production snafus with the latter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Duranium View Post
    Think I read that another ship will follow the C before the Reliant, due to production snafus with the latter
    D7 or K'Tinga? Because that's the only thing that some might hold on to life for in the meantime.

    Regarding the Reliant, is it the soundclip rights? I theorized that might have been the issue earlier. Then again, they design for variants off the bat (who wouldn't?) so I suppose Saratoga (DS9), Antares, and Bozeman variants might need tweaks to the interior tooling at least finalized now vs. later in case they end up doing those. Lantree seems less of an issue.

    Of course, it would be hilarious if they are holding it back just so they can make sure a Trieste version is ready to go.

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