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    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    I'm perfectly happy with my Sideshow one, so a pass for me
    Yipee - The early words of Darth Vader...

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    I'd be in for jango is there a release date or more pictures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamFett View Post
    I'd be in for jango is there a release date or more pictures?
    Hot Toys has had a knack lately for teasing stuff and then never releasing them, so it's possible this never happens.

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    With the rumor that their Cody isn't going into production, it wouldn't surprise me if Jango or the Airborne trooper don't either. From what I heard, the reaction to these 3 was so-so since many people were satisfied with the existing Sideshow versions and didn't want to have to upgrade all their clones again. Personally I'd rather they move forward with the Endor Luke and Endor Leia figures that were teased instead. Those would surely sell better than remakes of Jango and the clones.
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    Good call Shabby Blue. Time to move on. Clones that we have are just fine. This Jango looks no different then the SS one.
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    I too am happy with my Sideshow version...

    ...though I could be tempted...after all I still have the Medicom version. This would just be another upgrade.
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