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Thread: Titanium Variant Comparison Photos

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    This thread inspired me to start collecting Titaniums a few years ago including all existing variants.
    Thank you DM for fueling this thread with new info on the Black Series Titaniums.

    Please keep on the good work!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Warsaw_Wonder View Post
    I have a sealed Infiltrator in the long bubble (later) format that doesn't have any metal "scuffing" on it.
    I bought it at Target if I recall. I'll have to look at it more closely because I am wondering if it is a swap of the old Episode 1 "clean" Infiltrator!
    I never did post a pic of my non-battle-damaged Sith Infiltrator. I'll try to soon. I'm thinking that it has to be a legit factory error (a missed step in paint production) because it would be nearly impossible to remove all that factory tape & the adhered portions of the bubble without noticeable damage to the package. The package is pristine if I recall.
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    Well, it only took me three months.
    Here is the barely battle-damaged Sith Infiltrator that I found at a Target. I had the normal banged-up version and I thought it was too heavy on the damage marks. When I saw this on the pegs it was like the universe answered my wish.

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