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Thread: Titanium Visual Guide

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    I got beat to it! When I started creating my post Lt__Brenn_Tantor had not yet posted his. That was a suprise when I posted mine and up came two posts with all the ships . Oh well, now there's two.

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Thanks for the replies, fellas. The Titanium line is one that's eluded me as far as tracking goes. I usually do the research on these things myself but admit I was lazy on this one.

    I see that I need a couple BSG ships to round out my collection. This list is a great resource and I hope you guys keep it up to date as we go forward.

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    I like Morpheus's more because they are organized by wave/year and have the ENTIRE BSG collection.

    Of course, this whole list is AMAZING!
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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Updated .
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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Ultra Titanium Visual Guide

    Some of these photos aren't the greatest. They are actually fairly difficult to find on the net but this should be helpful anyways.

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Hey Lt__Brenn_Tantor if you haven't found this photo yet, I found this picture of the Republic Interceptor Tank the other day. Feel free to use it if you would like.

    Pictures of the Shadow Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike and the Lambda Class Shuttle (Emperor's Hand) don't seem to be out there.

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Thanks, visual guide updated .
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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    This is an EXCELLENT resource, thank you!

    Of course, it also confirms my worst fear: That I missed my shot at the Magnaguard Fighter / Dagger Squadron B-wing. That kinda miffs me.

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    Re: Titanium 2008 - Luke\'s X-wing

    I'm putting a diorama together and need Luke's Red 5. I've tried to find one everywhere but all i can find is the previous red 5 without the yellow nose paint. If ANYONE knows where one is available i'll be very appreciative.


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    Re: Titanium 2008 - Luke\'s X-wing

    What an excellent guide. Outstanding work, gentlemen.

    Looking at this, I think I have everything I want except the known missing quantities of 2008 wave 2 - Luke's X-wing and the Mon Cal Cruiser. I will have to go check to make sure I have both Naboo ships because they look so much alike!
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