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Thread: Titanium Visual Guide

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Great job on the visual guide!

    I think it is very helpful to all of us here especially the completists. I had just finished gathering all the photos myself and was considering doing the same type of guide but you saved me a bunch of work. Again great job, it turned out perfect!

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Bosski
    This is a great visual reference! I never found the KB 2-packs. Our store only received 1 box and they sold very quickly. I noticed something interesting in one of the photos! One of the packs has a green ROTS Jedi Starfighter in Wave 1 packaging, but this ship has not been released until Wave 4 when the packaging changed (Titanium logo on top, Star Wars logo on bottom). Was this one ship specially packaged for KB Toys? This might be one of the rarest Titaniums variants.
    These 2-Packs were announce in December 2005, after Wave 4 were found in Canada and Australia, here in the US I found wave 4 after I found wave 6 along with wave 1 (but they were released individually), but the 2-Pack were found until April 2007, also there is a way to know if wave 1 is from the original released, the second released comes with a sticker "Die Cast" under Star Wars and the first one doesn't.
    I didn't put packing variation, just to name a few, like:
    - Limited Edition Republic Gunship (upside down)
    - Imperial Shuttle (upside up)
    - AT-AT (position differently)
    - Invisible Hand (dark and light colors)

    Quote Originally Posted by cwquest
    I thought wave 7 had the IG2000 in it?
    The only reason that I didn't included it is because I didn't found a picture of it, but stay tuned .
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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Hey, great work Lt__Brenn_Tantor... thanks for your time! This is awesome.

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    This is fantastic! Great visual reference! Props to you!

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    This is a great and helpful guide. Best I've seen! Thanks!!

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Excellent reference thread! Very well done.

    I'm putting this one up top.
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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Excellent post. Thanks for taking the time to put that all together. The Titanium line is the most difficult when it comes to trying to track all the waves and releases.

    I know it's not SW, but is there any chance you could fit in the BSG ships? Or does anyone have a good list already of which waves which ships came in? I'm still trying to put together that whole collection of vehicles.

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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Removed duplicate photos to help load time.
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    Re: Titanium Visual Guide

    Wave 6 (2006)

    Wave 10 (2006)

    Wave 14 (2006)

    Wave 3 (2007)

    Wave 4 (2007)

    Comic-Con 2007

    Wave 6 (2007)

    Wave 1 (2008)

    Wave 2 (2008)

    Wave 2 Legacy - The Clone Wars (2008)

    Wave 6 Legacy - The Clone Wars (2009)

    Wave X (XXXX)



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