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Thread: Austin, Texas Finds #2

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    Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Continued from previous thread.
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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Forgot to post this sooner, but on Saturday morning this past weekend I found the Darth Revan and Darth Maul (shirtless) Mighty Muggs in Cedar Park, so they are starting to hit if you are after these.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    OK, good. I've been searching high and low for the Maul 2, while folks around the county are already finding the Target exclusive wave.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Hey everybody, just an FYI, Target dropped the Big Millenium Falcon to $34 if you can find one. I got one this weekend--I couldn't believe it! Keep your eyes peeled. I'd be willing to bet that the AT-TE is similarly priced, again if you can find one.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Stopped by the Lakeline Target today and scored the newest 5 figures from the Clone Wars line (animated Padme/Goldie astro-droid/Grievous' bodyguard/orange clone/clone commander) - they still had a few left of most as of about 12pm.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    I have been seeing a few remnants of the Target exclusive Mighty Muggs recently (northside of town) - still haven't been able to locate them all yet. I also found the AT-TE squad battle pack this past weekend at a Target in Cedar Park.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    The Target in Southpark Meadows has the AT-TE Battle squad and the Training in the Falcon BP's as well as the Mighty Muggs

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Anyone know where I can get a Clone Wars Greivous?
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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Try TRU. At this point the only way to get him is in the CW 2 packs ($15.99), Greivous and battle droid.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    I have finally started to see the newest Comic packs show up - I think they are numbered 12 & 13 or 13 & 14. I've seen them at both a Target and a Wally on northside of town.

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