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Thread: Austin, Texas Finds #2

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    I was able to get all the Retro figures, the Death Star game w/ Tarkin, VC Solo Storm, & BS Luke Storm last Sunday morning (all at Target Arboretum). The Retro figures were still not put out. Found a helpful employee that went to the back & brought out the one case they had. They ship 1 each per case (& the case box is small).

    All Targets should be getting more VC Solo & Luke Storms this week. Not sure about the Retro figures though.
    Target Arboretum actually got another case in at some point, because I was able to get them all from the back the other day as well, and they had a few left over (couple of Lukes, a Chewie and a Vader, I think), which makes me think they had even more cases, but people bought up certain ones, all right from the back. The figs are going to be in the Father's Day setup in the men's section, as you might have heard. Arboretum didn't have theirs set up yet, but maybe this weekend? Good luck!

    I also picked up my Jabba's alcove set from Lakeline Walmart today, but I had ordered it for online pickup, so I don't know if they have them in-store for purchase yet. Anyway, awesome set!!
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