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Thread: Austin, Texas Finds #2

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    I've been checking in on a lot of the Northside Wal-Marts from time to time and their pegs are remarkably empty (and have been for quite some time). Makes me wonder when they are going to start getting in more basic figures, since all of the other stuff they carry keeps getting new stock still... For now Target seems to be the place to go around here.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Found the 2 exclusive Target Battle Packs for $27.48 @ the Capital Plaza location.

    Anyone seen a CW Commander Cody?
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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Found both of these marked down to $13.74 in Dallas today-may have been marked down nation wide-I had heard when a TARGET mark-down ends in 4 it is the final price.
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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Yeah, found them at $13.74 today at the Capital Plaza Target. Been in 3-4 Targets already this week, waiting/looking for the last price drop, after jumping on the Christophsis pack at $27.xx.

    CP Target also had the new regular battle packs...Jabba (2), AT-TE Squad (1) and Yavin (1). I'm not into the Animated stuff so I scooped up the only Yavin, but the others were there as of 1pm or so.

    Anybody seen the Empire wave around town yet? I hit up the 183 and 35/Parmer WMs last night and found nada.

    Edit: I should clarify that I only saw the Sarlacc BP...and that goes for most of the Targets around town. The Christophsis packs don't appear to have survived the $27.xx price at Cap. Plaza, 35/Parmer, 183/Ohlen or Lamar/Ben all I saw this week at all of those was an endcap with a dozen plus Sarlacc sets.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Battle at Yavin and Jabba/TC-70 are at most Targets -- particuarly Capitol Plaza and 183/360 -- not so much Ohlen Road.

    New Clone Wars figures -- green clone, Jar Jar, Kit Fisto, red battle droid -- found at Capitol Plaza, Ohlen, and 183/360 but in limited quantities.

    Wal-Marts -- Cameron/183 and 183/620 are absolutely barren and have been for 4-6 weeks. I mean nothing but Yarnas, and only like six of them. I expect that when they restock they'll have the Empire wave (but I bought all but the Ugnaught on Hasbro's site -- five figures for $7.99 each -- basically same as the store price -- and only $3.50 for shipping for all five -- I suggest taking that route).

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    After a while of nothing, I found the CW Kit Fisto wave at the Ben White Wal-Mart on Friday. Looks like they restocked on Legacy figures too.
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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    same at the Walmart at the Palmer exit on I35, looked as if they just stocked out several cases of the Kit Fisto/JarJar CW wave. Hasbro really REALLY need to stop having the cardbacks look so similar to each other as there were 20 pegs of CW, Legends, and Legacy all mixed together.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    I finally found the Target-exclusive Jabba's Rancor over at the one on MoPac and 71 this afternoon, so if anyone wants it, it looks like now's the time.

    This dude is awesome, by the way. Big improvement on the old one. My favorite feature is probably the bendable fingers, allowing the rancor to flip you off.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Thought I'd throw this out to the local collectors... I'm selling my Master Replicas Princess Leia blaster over in the props forum. If anyone is interested, I'm willing to meet up at the Southpark Meadows shopping center and would take $200 as I wouldn't have to ship it.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Meant to post this when i got home last night.

    Georgetown Walmart had the entire Empire wave there. There was still at least one set of them left after i got mine.

    I also saw for the first time the entire new Saga Legends wave on the new Red cards, if anyone collects the variations. I didn't get any of them, but they do look pretty sharp.

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